Chinese "marriage" dissolvable by the pope when they were unbaptised at the time?

If a nonbaptised man and woman get married in a Singapore Marriage registry (1996) in order to get a government house but didn’t have an actual “customary” even though they planned to originally which Buddhists consider to be the actual marriage so I’ve heard, and at a later stage become catholic (2007) only to get their child in a catholic school and then separate later (2013/14) can the marriage be dissolved by the pope because it seems it was not a sacramental marriage perhaps but only a natural or invalid marriage or civil marriage before what might be the final service sort of? They never got married in a church.

Sorry if this sounds confusing. Asking on behalf of a Chinese friend

“Became Catholic” is the operative phrase, which presumes they were baptized.

Upon baptism, their natural, dissoluble marriage became sacramental and indissoluble. A merely natural marriage cannot exist between two baptized persons; it is always a sacrament.

Your Chinese friend needs to talk to his or her catholic pastor about their marriage situation. There are many details and they are all important. We cannot answer your question here.

They should talk to their pastor for guidance.


^^^^. This. We cannot give advice of this nature. Only the experts can.

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