Chinese officials force paid surrogate mothers to have abortions (CNA)

Guangzhou, China, May 2, 2009 / 07:43 am (CNA).- Echoing other reports of coercion in enforcement of China’s one-child policy, Chinese authorities have reportedly forced mothers to abort their children in a crackdown on the country’s underground surrogate pregnancy industry.

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this is really weird because i had a dream about the Chinese killing people, innocent people, which could represent the un born…

anyway, again, i do NOT know WHY we do business with China…

except that we in the US (well, not all of us) are hypocrites and do not really believe in democracy (choice)… just $ and expediency… :rolleyes:


OMG, what a horror.

I don’t think the problems are with Americans, but with human nature. Self-interest doesn’t always trump altruism, but tends to.

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