Chinese state tabloid sends nuclear message to Trump administration


Chinese state tabloid sends nuclear message to Trump administration

IN A rare move, China has reportedly taken the dramatic step of deploying one of the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile systems to its border with Russia, in what is being viewed as a poignant message to US President Donald Trump.

The ballistic missile system in question is known as The Dongfeng (“East Wind”) 41 missile, or DF-41 and can carry long range nuclear warheads. China claims it has the longest range on any nuclear missile system in the world.

It has to do with a statement that the secretary of state of state made last week. Rex Tillerson called China’s building of bases on the disputed islands illegal, raising the prospect of a confrontation between the world’s two greatest powers. “We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that, first the island building stops, and second, your access to those islands is also not going to be allowed,” he said.

You never want to put the Chinese in a situation where they feel dishonor or lose face. They will fight. Im wondering how is the U.S. going to stop the Chinese from resuppling their military islands without going to war? It backs the U.S. into a corner.


Bah, nuclear saber rattling got old.

The only nation that may be foolish enough to believe they can launch one is North Korea.


The DF-41 deployment position is in error. This missile can carry up to 10 warheads but all test launches have been tracked, along with dummy warhead deployment. Depending on the target, missile flight orientation may be changed. China may send a “message” elsewhere with low-yield warheads on one missile. The problem is the missile will be tracked to its deployment point, kept on continuous coverage, and will be very vulnerable just at and during its boost phase, meaning parts may rain down over other territory or the warhead will detonate in an undesirable location.

I believe some information is being withheld for obvious security reasons. But, if true, this is a very wrong provocation. I believe the Russians would react the same way if they were in a similar situation.

But, the US would not be this reckless. The risk of even a “limited” nuclear war is too great for any country.



It just occurred to me that any nation can make a makeshift intercontinental missile just by putting a bomb on a regular airplane. Those things can fly between continents and explode. China’s ability to make nuclear bombs seems more impressive than their ability to send bombs our way, but there seems to be more noise about the latter ability for some reason.


It’s not that simple. A nuclear warhead will give off radiation that will affect the pilot. Secondly, all aircraft entering US air space will tracked. An “unidentified” or “unregistered” aircraft could lead to quick action, especially if it is coming toward certain destinations or ‘high value targets.’



This story is overblown.



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