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I hope this is the correct place to put this and I may sound too protestant of me but I was watching this video
and began to think about how there is no way I would have that chip placed, you know where I am going here with this one…At this point, it seems like this may very well be a reality and I don’t believe for a second that it is for innocent purposes. This is opening a can of worms, in my opinion.
As I said, I wouldn’t let one of those near me or my family. Now, I don’t mind suffering and pain but then I start to think about watching my children struggle or starve or whatever the case may be. What do we do about that, do we not accept the chip and try out best to do without (which could be possible at first) or do we sacrifice for the rest of our family? I am thinking that suffering, even including your family, is what would have to be done. Is there any Catholic teaching on the chip or the Mark of the Beast or any of the end times stuff?
ETA- And just so you know, I just entered the Church in March so I probably have a lot of protestant thoughts on the end of times and such, as it is spoken about all the time (not talking about the “rapture” so much here though) only because I don’t know what the official teaching is.

I predict that their prediction will amount to nothing. :shrug:

Most of that video had to do with bio-metric identification. A chip was mention in the description from 0:24 to 0:36 (12 seconds) with inaccuracies in what they were showing. From there on it was talking about machines recognizing physical attributes of people and identifying them by that.

I don’t think that RFID tags will have the wide spread use that the presentations suggests. There’s pretty much a negative view against using implants to track people.

That is what I was thinking too, since I really haven’t heard too much about it, that is why it surprised me when I saw it. I see we do have the technology though. Still not a fan of all the other forms of identification but that is neither here nor there. Thanks for the response!

Obamacare has everyone getting a chip by 2017, there is a taboo about this, but it is slowly being overcome, people are now getting them for medical reasons, and when their use becomes required by law, Im sure the powers that be will give a good reason why everyone will need to get one, of course this will not be the real reason they want everyone to have it!!

I have heard the argument that social security number system is the mark, and no one even questions this ID system, even though it says right on the card, NOT TO BE USED FOR ID, but they are used in that capacity, by everyone. What would happen if someone refused the SS #? They would not be able to work, sell, etc. Yet they tell us we must have one in order to be a US citizen…interesting HUH? Wouldnt take much to implement this on a global scale either. I think the true mark, most likely be a GPS chip, but it will be similar to the SS#, in that its use will be WIDELY accepted, those in power will give a great reason for why everyone should have one, they are not stupid, they know for everyone to accept this, they will have to give a good excuse.

There is not that negative a view on their use to track people either, look at how they put ankle bracelets on people on house arrest or similar people? They track these people using the same technology…wouldnt take much for this to become the norm for the entire population, if the right circumstances were in place.

It will probably include a ricin pellet in a low temp wax that they can melt with some electrical energy and get rid of those who are “disobedient”.

I never even thought of that but that is very interesting and scary!
And yes, disobedient, if they can’t fool you into believe the excuses. Wow.

The people I have known who had ankle bracelets for house arrest were not tracked. They had to have a home phone installed. Then a device was linked to the phone, and the ankle bracelet was linked wirelessly to the device. The device alerted the probation department if the person walked far enough away from it that the signal from the ankle bracelet was out of range. It was only about 100’.

The above statement is false.

Though it seems that rumor was derived from HR 3200 Section 1 Part Section 2561 (link) that was never passed by Congress. This bill never required that any one be implanted with a chip. This is not part of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

They both use a radio signal of some type, but I wouldn’t call it the same technology. But that’s my opinion on grouping these technologies.

Inmate tracking bracelets have active radios that communicate back to a receiver that is installed in the inmate’s home, to a GPS cellular device that the inmate must carry, or may have the GPS cellular device built in. The ones communicating back to an installed receiver are more common but this is a form of geo-fencing, not really tracking.

RFID and similar tracking devices (ex:NFC) work if you have RFID readers at each one of the potential locations at which the RFID chip will be. While you can get a decent reading range on Active RFID devices (which have their own power source) for implants the passive tags would be the most appropriate since there is no battery to be recharged or replaced. While these can have a reading range of up to 6 meters in practice the range will be less than this and reduced further in the presence of metals and blocked all together with some foil.

This type of tracking works great when the items you are tracking all move through a limited number of “gates” such as having reading devices at the entrances and exits of a shipping facility, but are not track-able elsewhere.

I suggest you google the small town of Hanna, Wyoming, they have begun ‘chipping’ all the kids in the town, and it has been suggested the govt is involved in this ‘test’.

I did as you requested. I hope you don’t mind me asking you to also do as you had asked of me.

Here is my query:

And here are excerpts from 3 of the top 4 results:

On 20 October 2013, the National Report published an article positing that Wyoming school districts were implanting RFID-based microchips in students without parental consent…] By the following day links and excerpts referencing this article were being circulated via social media, with many of those who encountered the item mistaking it for a genuine news article. However, the article was just a bit of fictional satire from the National Report spoofing the persistent but false belief that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly known as “Obamacare,” requires that patients be implanted with microchips. …]

Was the National Report article your information source?

:stuck_out_tongue: I suppose that’s not the first piece of satire to be mistaken for genuine news. And it won’t be the last. :wink:

Probably not. Makes me think of the Dihydrogen Monoxide hoax that had people signing petitions to ban water.

That’s too funny! I guess if you sound like you know what you’re talking about, people don’t want to come across as uninformed and so they’ll just go along.

No, it was not the National report, I find it interesting someone would choose to ‘spoof’ something like this though.

That one’s getting a little old. How about starting a rumor that beer makers are contaminating our beer with *Saccharomyces cerevisiae, *brewer’s yeast.

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