Choice Blues


This is a graphic video of an abortion, by The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. Remember it is graphic.


And your point in posting this is…?


Wow. That is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.


I clicked on this link quite innocently on a previous occasion, and it was the most horrific thing I have ever seen. (and I have seen abortion vids before)


I’m sure anyone who has seen this video must be asking how could any woman do this to her child? or how could a doctor perform an abortion?


When I was 12, I accidentally clicked on that website and was horrified. Ever since, I’ve been against abortion, even before I was Catholic. I don’t understand how any doctor who’s taken the Hippocratic oath (yes, I know, they took out the abortion clause) can look at themselves in the mirror and do this.


I haven’t seen this. I’m really tempted to click on it… I don’t WANT to see it.

:frowning: whew! ok. I’m not going to click on it. Abortion is terrible. :mad:


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