"Choice" Is....


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Pro-Abort Chicken Dance (VIDEO)



** “Choice” Is…** a figleaf to cover up the grisly, premeditated murder of the most helpless and innocent amongst us.


Pictures like that are so disgusting that I don’t want to be associated with those who call themselves pro-life.

It’s quite an accomplishment to alienate those who are on your side.


I agree with you, SMD. I had an encounter with some pickets, of a verbally unpleasant nature, when I stopped to talk about ADOPTION. They would not let me speak…and just considered me their enemy. :mad: One woman decided to speak to me privately as we walked down the street… :o


…what got Adam and Eve kicked out of the Garden. It isn’t the act of choosing, but the action the choice results in.


So instead of feeloing anger and disgust at those who killed those babies, you direct your anger at those who brought the grisly crimes to your attention?


On the one hand, people need to see what the results of abortion really are and be shocked past their apathy.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t want my little kids seeing that.

Time and place, time and place…


As I have pointed out, when I was about 3 1/2, I saw grisly detailed footage of the Concentration Camps in the Movietone News that accompanied every movie. It did me a world of good – it was like being vaccinated against dictatorships.

If your kids see it, treat it as if they had seen a dog doing something you don’t think they should see – explain it to them.


I do not have children yet, but I would imagine that talking to your kids about every disturbing thing they see is easier said than done. Some people handle things better than others.

We talk to soldiers about how to handle the disturbing things we see on the battlefield, but some soldiers come to love violence and some soldiers go AWOL.

Forcing a disturbing image on someone just seems a bit off to me.


No one ever said being a parent was easy. But parents who deal with problems by sweeping them under the rug find it tends to come back to haunt them.

That’s not my experience – and I’ve commanded four companies, two of them in combat.

Who’s “forcing” anything on anyone?


There’s plenty of violence and ugliness in the world without going out of your way to add to it.

Some of the new ultrasound pictures I’ve seen are absolutely amazing. Seeing a beautiful baby in utero with an appropriate slogan might soften hearts. Ultimately that’s the only thing that’s going to change the world.


I am sorry but anyone who is even slightly liberal on the abortion issue I find to be repulsive.
First, there are those who are pro-choice. Give me a break. Sick. You think a form of murder should be legal.

Second, there are those who are “personally opposed to abortion” but would never tell anyone else that they couldn’t have one. TRANSLATION: “I am personally opposed to murder and gendoncide/infanticide but I would never tell someone else not to participate.” Sick! You know its murder but you think it should be legal.

Third, there are those who think that we should not show images of what abortion really is. Again, give me a break. The only real reason people are offended by those images is that they know that illustrates what abortion really is and forces people to confront their guilty consciences on the matter. These people are more concerned about how good everyone FEELS than they are about the fact that babies are being murdered every day! SICK SICK SICK!


It is the people who committed these grisly crimes, killing these innocent children who “added to the violence and ugliness in the world” – not the people who exposed their crimes for the rest of us to see.

That’s why I’m working for 4D ulrasound to be defined as part of Informed Consent – a woman who was not shown a 4D ulrasound before undergoing an anbortion would have the right to sue later.


I think this it is a FANTASTIC idea to make the mother see their baby before making that horrible decision.



I am a Catholic father of four young boys.
I go to abortion clinics to pray outside for 3 hours at a stint.
I’m staunchly pro-life.

The sidewalk counselors outside the clinics DO give material to those going inside that show photos like these.
Many of these mothers come out of the clinics crying … and still pregnant … having made the right ‘choice’ to carry their babies to term.

The highway is not a place for my 3, 5, 7, and 8 year olds to see graphic murder pictures.

I’m not ready to traumatize these young minds about such atrocities. When I am ready, I will have that discussion with each of them. That timing is for ME to decide.

You are wrong on this. I’m only against showing those images to children. I have no guilty conscience in regard to abortion. I am only concerned about how children feel. I care DEEPLY about the fact taht babies are being murdered every day.

The listing of your three categories is narrow and does not describe all those that might be opposed to showing abortion pictures on the side of the highway.



My brothers and sisters have seen images like this and they are still growing up to be happy well adjusted kids. They just happen to be pro-life than other kids.


With respect, sir, I’m not saying parenting is easy, but to have a sit-down chat with the kids after every disturbing image – some of which they’ll see when you’re not with them – is not only difficult, it’s impossible. I agree with Cazayoux. The side of the highway is not the place for children to see these images.

That’s not my experience – and I’ve commanded four companies, two of them in combat.

Sir, I’ve deployed three times in two years and have commanded troops in combat as well. I stand by my example. Some people can not handle graphic violent imagery, even when defending their country. If you want to discuss the effects of this war, though, I’d say let’s move this to the War on Terror board and compare notes.

Who’s “forcing” anything on anyone?

A guy standing on the side of the road with a massive graphic sign of an aborted child is forcing that picture on the people passing by. What’s the parent supposed to do? Take their hands off the wheel to shield their child’s eyes?


Have the sit down early.

And when children are troubled by what they see, they will ask – answer them!

“Graphic violent imagery?” My experience was it isn’t imagery that’s the problem, it’s the reality.

How is that different from a political sign? Or one promoting or opposing anything else? Are your kids being forced when they see other signs?

No. A parent is supposed to discuss these matters with the child. Try it – you may find your children are more receptive than you think.

Now, if you still oppose the pictures, what’s your solution? As a person sworn to uphold the Constitution, you can’t morally advocate censorship, now can you?


On these Truth Tours there is a warning sign which tells motorists that “Graphic Abortion Pictures” are ahead. Motorists have a “choice” to detour or continue straight ahead to see the pictures. So you can be “pro-choice” and detour to another east/west or north/south street to get where you want to go.

Second, there are many kids holding these pictures and they are never affected by the pictures.

Third, do you really believe there were no kids around watching Christ during the Crucifiction? I also have seen parents let their kids play video games which have realistic pictures which look worse than the abortion pictures.

Fourth, wouldn’t it be better for a child to be alive seeing the abortion pictures than rather be torn apart limb by limb in his/her mothers womb to their death?

Last, the fact Emmitt Till’s mother exposed Emmitt Till’s dead mutilated body in an open caskit sparked the Civil Rights movement. Are you therefore against the Civil Rights movement?



*]What if children see these graphic abortion pictures?
*]What effect do these pictures have on a woman who has had an abortion?
*]Doesn’t the public display of graphic abortion pictures make the pro-life movement look extreme?
*]Doesn’t it dishonor the unborn babies in these pictures to show them out on the street?[/LIST]


Nope, not advocating censorship. They have a RIGHT to hold up the pictures, but that doesn’t mean it IS right. I wouldn’t take any measures to stop them, it is their constitutional right – I just don’t agree with it.

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