Choice of Music

Anyone else here a fan of Pierce The Veil? Or any other rock groups etc? When listening to music is there anything I should avoid?

Like if a song used God’s name in vain, should I not listen to it or ignore it?
Or if it had a little swearing? But not really bad. Is that ok?
Or when lyrics can get a little impure

                Example ::"Like a strip club bedroom scene"-Pierce The Veil 

When is it too far?? The song itself (Stay Away from my friends) isn’t about sex but it has a few lyrics like that.

Could it be sinful to listen to music like that?? Thanks!

Sinful? No. But, it could have potential to be spiritually dangerous and in my opinion should be avoided.

If you like rock, try this

If it has any of those things, then it’s not worth listening to in the first place.

I love listening to music. Is that music? :wink:

Thats a good song! :slight_smile:

I agree. Why poison your mind with such trash when there is plenty of good music out there without these themes.

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