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I am in the process of converting. and i attened mass on saturday nights, ( I DO NOT attened a protestant church but my family does, so to make it convient i go on saturday nights and make sunday my day of rest). Anyway last night July 7 i was praying after mass and the choir director comes over and says i wanted to say hi i see you hear every saturday and your always here to do the rosary with us, want to join the choir, and i said yes. my question is , the choir always takes communion after the altar servers. who receive after the EM’s . What do i do , then. i guess just stay back and get my music ready for the coummion song. Please help thanks. I have been , going up for a blessing when i was in the congregation :o . don’t want to do this as part of the choir


Yes, just stay back when the other members of the choir are receiving.


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Prob just stay back- speak with your director as to how it would be best handled :slight_smile:


If you sing in the choir but won’t be receiving communion (for any reason; being a non-Catholic is one of many reasons) then you just stay in the choir area while the others receive. Most choirs are delighted to have members who are in the process of becoming Catholic. Just be sure to make sure the choir director knows if/when you will not be able to sing due to rites/activities involved with being received into the Church.


Your instincts are correct: Stay in the choir loft and prepare for the singing. An Act of Spiritual Communion would be a nice way to use that time to pray.


Sounds like a fine idea. Congratulations and enjoy. My parish is rather musically poor, though we now have a thousand families. Fifteen years ago, when I started as a musician and cantor, I had not finishe RCIA. Yet one of the two who had been doing leading the music moved to follow a job and there was no one else to help fill the all the Masses in English. I spent a few years as music director at a Baptist church, so I had no objection jumping in while going through RCIA. Obviously the other guy did Holy Saturday. That would have been weird otherwise.

The thing is, if you can serve, and there is a need, then serve and don’t sweat the details. I just wish you were at my parish. I still need all the help I can get. I could especially use men (or more Aggies).


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