Choir - quest for perfection - musical and spiritual

Which do you think is worse?

A choir where the majority of members lack music and singing skills but are reverent in church.

A choir (with or without paid singers) who are talented and skilled but lack reverence in church.

And the bonus question: What do you think about a choir director who is a great singer/director/musician but lacks respect for the Church and her teachings? Should he or she be hired? Retained?

I’ve never seen an irreverent choir so I have no way of judging this.


What’s the point here?

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Amen to that.
I prefer my choir be READY, respectful (they always are) and accomplished.
It’s a huge responsibility and not a performance.


I personal don’t give a rat’s hindquarters about the “quality” of music during the Liturgy. It’s not an essential matter for my worship. I don’t let myself be distracted by either “bad” or “good” music. I have enough on my hands worshiping God. The “Music Wars” are just a meaningless distraction.


The choir directors at my church are non-Catholics, but are very respectful. The choirs try to be perfect. I only care if they do the job and are respectful and they are both.

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Musicians are praying in their craft.
Perfections is something to strive for.
The people that endlessly complain about music often are just complaining about the delivery, not the content.

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I rather have humble bad singers than haughty good ones.

We’ve gone through at least 3 different paid people to play and or sing for our Masses. Didn’t work out so we either have no music at all (most Masses) or we do get the volunteer choir and music player whenever they can make it.

Reverence in Church is everything.

We are all volunteer. Our director ensures we practice as a group. We don’t sing what isn’t working. Someone comes late for practice before Mass, they can’t sing what they haven’t practised.

Ideally it should be both - talent and reverence.

In real life, ideal is elusive, and therefore we have to make do with what we have. And this is nothing new. Jesus had that experience as well, if we look at the quality of his apostles and followers. They are probably not much better than us. The difference is the Holy Spirit; without Him, we are nothing. If God does not build, the builders will build in vain.

Thus to answer your question, probably if we should choose, it is the reverence first over talent.

God bless.

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I’ve never seen an “irreverent” choir, and any musician who in the pastor’s opinion lacked respect for Church teaching or his own authority as the pastor was fired immediately.

Given that some people on this forum have weird definitions of what constitutes “reverence” and “respect”, one wonders what behavior is actually in question here. Some people think it’s irreverent or disrespectful if a woman wears trousers to Mass.


You made my day with your last sentence.
thanks!!! :laughing:

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