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Hello All,

I just got out of Good Friday Mass and while I was there, I saw some things that I found rather disturbing. The first thing that stood out was that during the Gospel Reading (The Passion According to John) instead of simply reading the Gospel, it was sung (with instrumental music, not chanted) by a combination of the Priest and the choir. It was audible and could be understood, but not as clearly as it would have been had the Word simply been read and spoken (like normal.)

The Tabernacle was actually located in a separate room altogether, and at the end of Communion, the alter girl carried the remaining hosts into that room!

I could barely find it within myself to feel any peace in this Mass. At the Cathedral that I go to normally (I had work schedule restraints so I had to go to a different one) I know EXACTLY whose house I am in. Has anyone ever seen something like this? Is this Mass even valid? If it is not, was it a sin for me to participate in it?


St. John's Passion is usually chanted, though without instruments.

What you call the "tabernacle" is the altar of repose and it's supposed to be located elsewhere. The tabernacle is supposed to be empty on Good Friday. I'm not sure why an altargirl would carry it though.

There is no Good Friday Mass so there is nothing to be valid. The Mass took place on Holy Thursday and the hosts reserved at the altar of repose for Good Friday.

Singing, music, altargirls, the location of reserved hosts... none of that would invalid a Mass anyway.


If I had to guess, this occurred in or near Boulder. Other than being a gross liturgical abuse, it is just weird. If the Bishop allowed this, well…

  1. Good Friday has no mass.
  2. The Gospel was the Passion according to John and has various parts, and can be chanted by the priest and the Choir.
  3. It's altar, not alter - if you are going to be a stickler for "abuse" you need to know the correct spelling.
  4. The tabernacle is empty from the end of Holy Thursday Mass until the Easter vigil. The consecrated hosts are kept in a separate altar of repose out of the sanctuary.


First of all, there is no "Good Friday Mass." Mass is never celebrated on Good Friday. The tabernacle is always empty on Good Friday.

This shows how foolish it is to assume that everything is some kind of abuse.


I think the point has been hammered home pretty well.


You would have heard the same entire chanting of the gospel if you watched the mass from the Vatican by Pope Francis. It is appropriate.

Re the hosts being returned to the "separate room" ... these were consecrated on Holy Thursday and reserved for people to receive communion on Good Friday, since there is no mass to consecrate new hosts. Those that were not distributed were rightfully returned to the temporary tabernacle.


am not even going to suggest our choir singing it next year. I am happy for the priest to read it and after struggling as an altar server on sunday holding the acolyte I definately sat down yesterday even if i was the only one in the choir to do so :blush: and it is much shorter to what we normally do because two others would have read it with the priest. I can stand for the length of time but not 'on show' as such. It seemed to go a lot faster for sitting down. All this stood and sat business don't worry me too much:thumbsup:


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