"Choky" feeling caused by incense


My fiancée and I love the extraordinary mass, particularly the High Mass. Recently she has expressed that she has a "choked up" feeling that seems to be caused by the incense in which she has trouble drawing a full deep breath.

I suggested that we go to the 11am low Mass from now on but she said she prefers the music at the High Mass. But I don't want her to suffer, obviously.

I wonder if this could be solved by an asthma inhaler or something?

Has anyone had any experience with breathing problems resulting from incense? Any advice would be appreciated.


This question should only be answered by a dr.

As a child i had a reaction like this. It has developed into a complete throat close over the years.

An inhaler may be able to help, but they can have nasty side affects (like jitters, headaches or light-headedness).

Anyway, go to the Dr and avoid this Mass until you know for sure. You don't want her to have a full-blown astsma attack during Mass and have to rush her to the ER.


I have asthma and sometimes incense does it for me. Unventillated crowded indoor areas are a problem too. Or talking when it's icy cold. Some people are directed to have an inhaler handy at all times. Simple allergy to one particular thing without asthma could also have a choking effect (think all those poor kids that can't have a pet, or people who can't wear wool).


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