Choosing a Catholic college

I want to attend a faithfully Catholic college (aka one recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society) for my higher education. Right now the following schools are at the top of my list:

– Catholic University of America
– Franciscan University of Steubenville
– Belmont Abbey College
– Christendom College

Does anyone have any experience with these schools? Any advice? Positive/negative experiences? Prayers are also appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You might want to check this out:

Also, you can search this site, there have been many threads on the topic of Catholic universities.

I think it depends on what your major is. All colleges have certain academic programs that are stronger than others. If you are a pre-med student, research which schools have the highest acceptance rate to med schools. :slight_smile:

Definitely not pre-med, math and science aren’t my areas of expertise :smiley: I’m not sure quite yet, but I think I’d like to major in something like history or theology.

I have friends whose children have attended Catholic University, Christendom, and Franciscan.

1 at Catholic, 4 at Christendom, numerous at Franciscan. All students and parents were happy with the colleges and the educational opportunities offered.

One studied philosophy at Catholic, at least two studied theology at Christendom and one studied history at Franciscan.

Odd that I don’t know anyone who has attended Belmont Abbey considering that I live in NC.

If you can make visits to each college you are considering that would likely help you make your decision.

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