Choosing a confirmation name

This may or may not be coming up soon for me; I’ve heard arguments both for and against choosing a confirmation name. My Christian name is Jennifer Marie; Marie both for the Blessed Virgin and for my maternal grandmother. I pray the Rosary several times each day and do feel a special relationship with the Blessed Virgin, though our lives have not been similar. I aspire to accepting God’s will as Mary did, nevermind the earthly consequences.

In some ways, I would like to be confirmed with my own given name. In others, I would like to choose a patron saint. I feel especially connected with St. Raphael (partly because I want to become a pharmacist; partly against mental illness; partly for a guardian angel), and maybe even more so, St. Dymphna (against mental illness, loss of parents, family happiness). And then there’s St. Augustine, whose Confessions are just… they strike close to home (and he, at least I think, was a later convert who struggled). Not to mention St. Francis, because of my love of animals.

For what it’s worth, I am a woman. Can I choose a male patron saint? I don’t know if I should stick with the name I was given or if I should pick a saint’s name. Any thoughts? I have been praying to God to help me to discern, and trying to keep up a daily relationship with all three of these saints, and I am still somewhat at a loss. I think if I had to decide today, I would go with St. Dymphna or St. Augustine. In fact, I might have to decide tomorrow. :eek:

If it’s a choice between St. Dymphna and St. Augustine, “Dymphna” is ready-made for a female, while “Augustine” could always become “Augustina”?

myself i would stick with maria but if its between st augustine or st dymphinia i like
st augustine myself i chose st brigid as she inspired me and partly due to irish heritage
good luck with your decision

I still am not sure how to go with this. I think I am leaning more towards staying with my Christian name, especially my middle name, because I believe the Blessed Virgin has interceded for me in many ways and I do feel a special devotion to her.

At the same time, I feel like if I don’t choose a patron saint’s name, that I am missing out on some part of Catholic identity. Please pray for me as I discern what to do in this situation.

Pick whatever name you want…I picked St. Joseph and I’m a girl.

As long as the saint is important to you, you can choose any name (or feminine version of a name) you want. For what it’s worth, Augustine is feminine in francophone areas, so it can be used as is if you use a French accent.

I think Maria would sound lovely with whatever other name you pick. I think adding another name to Maria would just add more love and sound really nice. I myself combined two saint names into one for my confirmation name, making it Annemaria. Anne for our Blessed Mother’s own mother and Maria for Maria Goretti, the saint I wish I had known as a teen. The religious (the sisters, nuns) often combine more than one name. It certainly won’t take anything away from the lovely “Maria” you were so fortunate to be given, but as I said before will add more to your already special name.

After more reflection, prayer and reading, I think I am going to go with St. Augustine. :smiley:

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