Choosing a Confirmation Sponsor

I’m just about to start confirmation prep, and I’m having a lot of trouble choosing a sponsor. I’m surrounded by so many good Catholics and am so grateful for that, but I don’t even know how to go about beginning to choose a sponsor. I’ve obviously been praying about it for the past few months, but nothing has become clear.

If anyone has any tips, prayer recommendations, or suggestions for choosing a confirmation sponsor, please let me know!!

Are you a Catholic being confirmed? If so the Church recommends you have one your godparents as Confirmation sponsor if they still meet the requirements.

If you are a non-Catholic preparing to be received into full communion, from the Catholics you know I would choose one I can easily talk to. You may be having some serious conversations in the next several months.

Most of the people I know had a family member as their sponsor, if they had Catholic families.
Often parent, aunt, uncle etc.
That sort of ensured the sponsor would always be around to help you, more than if it were just some friend who might move away or whatever.

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