Choosing a good Catholic university


I’m getting ready to apply to universities in the regular decision roll, and I’ve found Villanova to be interesting and a nice target school. However, I’m not sure how Catholic it really is. Does anybody have information on how good it would be for a Catholic to attend based on adherence to the faith?


Have you spoken to admissions? They might be able to get you into contact with some current students who might be able to tell you what it’s like.


I have not, that’d be a good idea.


Check out the Cardinal Newman Society. They have a list of recommended Catholic colleges. Then look at the criteria they use. Even if this, or another college isn’t on that list, the criteria suggest what you can ask about.

Try googling Villanova, prochoice speakers.
Ask if they are in agreement with faculty oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium.


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