choosing a patron saint

hey y’all i got two questions one does the Church choose a patron saint for you or do you chose it and two how does someone if you can choose a patron saint

You get to choose. This can be an overwhelming process. The best thing to do is research the saints and find one that really speaks to you. Perhaps you have already heard of a few, so you may want to start with them. There are so many great saints though, and they are saints for a reason, so you really can’t go wrong. Just do a lot of research and find one whom you feel a special connection to.

My patron saint is Ann. My parents named me for the mother of the Blessed mother. For my Confirmation saint I chose Patrick–so, I went with Patricia. :slight_smile:

I was taught your saints will find you…mine have

No expert here but I thought you were named after a patron Saint. Yes, you can choose one for a Confirmation name or adopt one that has patronage of your employment or trade.

As an aside old school priests will advise you against giving a child a pagan Hollywood type name. Yes, that will upset the feelings of some but our children should be blessed with saintly names.

Let pagans use the names of whores and gunslingers…that ain’t us.

well i guess i was sort of my mother is no catholic but she did name me after the martyr Saint Stephen she said

I know my first name is a female version of John and my middle name is Marie (French for Mary), and there are many saints with various versions of those names to choose from.

I am pretty sure that St. Therese of Lisieux chose me, but it is hard to pinpoint when as I got a statue of her at a young age that I still have, and have had the chance to venerate her relics when they came to the USA in 1999, and have worshiped and/or prayed at the National Shrine of the Little Flower many times.

I figured since we believe in the communion of saints then we were not tied down to just having one patron. I’m named after Saint Christopher, my birthday is on Saint Francis of Assisi feast day and my confirmation saint is the Apostle Peter. All three of these saints are my patrons. :wink:

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