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I have accepted my calling and have decided to enter the priesthood after high school. I can't decide what kind of priest I want to be. I have been thinking of how complex we have made our lives that a vow of poverty sounds pretty good. I have looked at the orders but can't decide, can someone give me a order that fits the things below. 1. If the Church says so it's final no if, ands, or buts. 2. Can visit family regularly. 3. Chance to travel (Rome in particular ). 4. Great emphasis on learning (history, philosophy, Latin, canon law, etc..). 5. Can become a priest not a monk or friar. 6. Chance of becoming a Bishop. I have desire to receive the fullness of my vocation (Fulton Sheen prayed to become a Bishop for the same reasons ). 7. Could be allowed to be a Military Chaplain. I am thinking of the Jesuits but I hear they tend to punish some priests for being to orthodox I would really appreciate your opinions please


Looks like straightforward Diocesan priesthood to me. Why are you thinking of an Order? Lacks a vow of poverty, of course, but you wanted to avoid friars and monks.

Friars have gotten to be Popes, BTW. And they get vows of poverty and obedience.

Talk to your vocation director.


Try Its a great website.


I must warn you against creating lists of your desires like that. A vocation does not work like that, and believe me if you go into it with a list like that then God is just going to tear it right apart. You cannot go into discernment focused on what you want, because it’s not about what you want. It’s about the will of God. You need to be able to let go of these things - they are externals. If you are trying to find an order, you need to think about their spiritualities and their charisms and what draws you about a certain charism.

I also notice that you have not yet been received into the Church. You do not say what stage of conversion you are in, but you will not be able to begin formation for the priesthood until two years after you have been received into the Church - this is in Canon Law.


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