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I had no idea where to post this question, so I hope I’m not too “off” posting it here…

I was just curious if, when choosing a patron Saint upon entering the Church, I am able to choose someone who is beatified… ???


I was not a convert. I was baptized as a Catholic. When I was confirmed I needed to choose a Saint for my Confirmation name. I chose St. Joan of Arc because she was a martyr and was definitely a tough girl, since she was an army leader. I was always somewhat of a tomboy, and I wanted a patron Saint who was a very strong person. I chose St. Joan of Arc for that reason.


I am not sure for public ceremonies.

In private, you can pray to any one in heaven to intercede for you.

John Paul II (now Servant of God) is one of our family saints.


I can’t see why not, considering we know s/he is in heaven. But, you can ask your RCIA director or if s/he doesn’t know ask the priest.

And may God bless your richly as you go through the discernment process of being reconciled to the Church! :thumbsup:


iam going tobe confirmed in 24 days, and no, you have to chose a person who is canonized a saint. that is what my priest told me unless the rules have changed, then no, you need to chose a person who has been canonized.


I’m wondering about this because I know that when the first parish in the U.S. to be named for St. Therese of Lisieux it was done so when she was “just” a Blessed (beatified), not yet canonized. The same would seem to apply for those choosing a patron upon entering the Church.


Hmmmmm…my confirmation will be at the 2007 Easter Vigil. I already have two middle names on my birth certificate (John and Nicholas), but not as part of any religious rite. I’ll have to check if I am required to name a new one (Saint Francis of Assissi is the obvious choice) :slight_smile:


afaik, you do NOT have to pick the name of a saint. You own name will suffice.

Unless they changed it over the last 20-some-odd years.

I picked St. George (since it is also my middle name).
Since then I have come to realize that I really did make the right choice for me.


Are guys supposed to pick male saints and women supposed to pick women saints?

What if a man wants to choose Mary as his patron?


It is fine. Look at all the Priests and Brothers of Religious orders who choose to have Mary in their name.


Many nuns also happen to choose male saints. For instance, I knew a Sister Frederick (and that was not her last name, that was the name she chose when she took her vows).


Thank you, that may be what I’ll do at Confirmation:thumbsup:


The novena I’ve been praying to St. Jude says at the end, “Allow this to happen and I promise to make you my patron saint…”

Since the event has actually occurred which I prayed for in the novena, is it best to now make Jude my patron saint? What if I were to go back “on my word” (of this novena) and chose another?


you needn’t restrict yourself to just ONE patron saint - you can have as many patrons as there are saints!


I chose St Ursula for Confirmation. Why? I can’t remember but I think it had something to do with the purple robe in the picture I saw. LOL

By nature, if not profession, I am a natural-born teacher. I just love to impart my knowledge to others. I also preach Chastity to young people.

However, as an adult, St Anthony of Padua seems to have chosen me. Why I don’t know, but I even had a priest in India send me a relic for some reason. He, St Anthony, helps me in all sorts of troubles, even to find parking spaces in the city. He also, thanks be to God, helps me find missing information in my memory, which, as a researcher & journalist, I have found invaluable.


yes you can choose a person who has been beatified and pray for her cause to proceed to canonization. Blessed Kateri comes to mind. I personally believe that Blessed Martin de Porres finally was canonized because he was chosen as a patron by so many devout young Catholics.


men have to pick men, and women women. men and women
also can only have one of their own gender as a sponsor as far
as i know.


i thought that at confirmation, you can only chose one patron saint. when did this change come in that you can pick more than 1?


I think so…I know that I’ve seen a Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic church on a Native American reservation, and there was a young man in our parish from a very orthodox family who took the name of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati as his patron when he was confirmed. You might want to double check this with your parish.


I’ve only ever heard of people officially choosing one, but you can always “adopt” other saints throughout your life. For example, I chose St. Cecilia as my patroness and took her name at Confirmation because I had always been an aspiring musician. I believe that she was the one who interceded so that the Holy Spirit would give me a push to go into church music. But now I also consider St. Albert the Great to be my patron, although I did not take his name. He is the patron of scientists, therefore he I someone with whom I feel a special kinship. And I also feel a bond with St. Elizabeth, as she understands the pain of infertility.

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