Choosing a University Program


So, I’m in that stage in my life where the pressure’s on and I “have” to choose a university and program asap. Rather than ask for advice as to how to choose a great program, I’m going to ask you guys what your experience was in pursuing post-secondary education.

What were your passions, setbacks, motivations, support from different people, applying for university, getting those scholarships up to the point of your first day at college or university? I’d really appreciate any input.

And of course, do say that Hail Mary for me so that I may discern what’s best for me with Jesus’ and Mary’s help.


I received twice the education for half the cash doing my first few years at a community college.
If your credits are fully transferable and your grades solid, this is a great way to begin.
Classes are small, professors do all of the teaching, and tuition is relatively low.
The money saved may be put to good use in further education.
Good Luck and may God bless you.


I agree completely. In California, the community colleges have transfer agreements with many of the Universities. I did all my underclass work at a community college for a miniscule fraction of the price, got 3 two-year degrees out of it, and then transfered to the University of California system - and based on my GPA they had to take me.

Make sure you do all your applications and paperwork early, including FAFSA and/or any student aid you want at the earliest possible moment.

And then lastly, study something that you WANT to study. For me, even within my major it was stressful and draining. If I had majored in business or engineering or the other ‘moneymakers’ I probably would have dropped out. Don’t let people dissuade you - all majors can be moneymakers if you leverage them properly post-graduation. Especially if you get into grad school or professional school.


You don’t necessarily have to know what program you want right away.


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