Choosing Career

On what basis did you choose your work? How long did it take? Did you ever change later on?

Did you ever feel you had too many options, or did you feel you had too little? Did or do you ever fear becoming bored with your choice?

Christi pax,


Good question. I’m a current medical student so I choose medicine as my path. I think with any path it is important to take some time in committed prayer and discernment. For me, I was always interested in math and science. So I actually went into undergrad for engineering. However, I felt this pull towards medicine (difficult to explain) and after prayerful discernment, I realized that medicine was my vocation. Other things were really easy for me to take of my list. For example, I’m not an amazing public speaker so that takes lots of things off the table for me and others just didn’t interest me (like accounting). So, I think it is important to take in consideration one’s skills, talents, interests, likes, dislikes, and take some committed time in prayer. Maybe even talk with people in particular industries to see if it feels like a possible fit for you.

Have you considered job counseling? It can help you determine your strength and weaknesses and what jobs are a good fit for you.

If you’re in college, check out the career center on campus.
When I had to choose a major to look into, I went through the course catalog and kind of did ‘process of elimintation.’ That helped narrow it down to possible fields for me.
Also, pray to the Holy Spirit daily for guidance.

Sr. Christina M. Neuman

How did I choose my career?

It paid well, had decent benefits, I thought I would be good at it, and I would be able to get married on the salary without starving. That’s it, simple really. And after 35 hard years of work, I’m good, ready to retire. It wasn’t always easy, but life never is.

I watch young people, my daughters included, jumping through hoops and agonizing over what they will do for a living, and I have to admit, I just don’t get it. In my generation, baby boomer, we just had to get out there and do it. We had to get to work and start making money, whether the job was the perfect job or not. But now I see kids, well not really kids anymore at 25, 26 or 27 still in school, changing majors, changing schools, getting graduate degrees and doing whatever they can to put off actually going out to work. It’s gotten ridiculous IMO.

Well, I can tell you I’ve only met a handful of people that ever actually found that perfect job or career, no matter the time spent in education. So my advice, don’t dilly-dally, pick something you think you are good at, get the schooling needed, and get to work!

I’m into tough love…:slight_smile:

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