Choosing priest for confession


I went to confession with a priest at a church I don’t attend mass at, and I really liked the feedback from the priest and he suggested to have one priest I confesss to. After that confession I thought to have him as a regular confessor, but I wanted to make another confession appt with another priest at that same church because I had forgotten something important in that confession and I thought I wanted to repeat everything from a long time ago as well and was embarrassed to confess with that first priest I went to. Anyway, the second priest I confessed to I also really liked. And, again (probably because I’m scrupulous) forgot something I wanted to confess, so I wanted to make an appt with the same second priest. I already had scheduled a meeting with the first priest about setting up a day to meet with him weekly for confession, but I feel like the second priest knows more about my sins and my scrupulosity more than the first priest.

Should I just tell the first priest this and make my weekly confessions with the second priest instead??


If you are scrupulous, you need to find ONE spiritual director/Confessor. And I think you should ask specifically what to do about repeating sins already confessed in Confession. It’s not recommended for those who have a scrupulous conscience.


If you forgot a sin, it is forgiven. But if you purposely leave out a sin, it is not forgiven. But if you would like to mention at another confession the sins you had forgotten, I would suggest making a list.


Choose one of those priests make (or keep) the appointment. Start out by telling him the situation. Even if you pick the priest who doesn’t know as much about you/your sins, he’ll figure it out in a short time. As others have said, go to one priest and stick with him. Don’t be embarassed about your scrupulosity. They know how to help you…


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