Choosing when to Attend Sunday Mass


How do I Deal with Catholic Family Members who most Sundays Skip Mass for reasons of pure convenience for example
" Don"t Feel like Going this Sunday" ?


This link for Sunday
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Day of obligation


Depends on your position in the family. If you are the leader, the patriarch of the clan, you lay down the law and tell them what is acceptable.

On the other hand, if the Leaders of the family are the ones who are skipping Mass, you can pray for them.


What is your position in the family? Are you the parent? Child? Sibling? Cousin?


Be the example. Go to Mass on your own and don’t let them dissuade you. Pray for them and soon, they’ll want to come with you.


Gently encouraging them to learn the significance of the Eucharist in their lives and how Our Lord works within them when they receive him.


Thank you.


That’s exactly what I am doing but its not working YET !!


I am the Father.


With my daughter who is 8. I ask her and if she says no… I say ok but later maybe even days layer I ask her why she didn’t want to go and we talk about it, then I say would you go next week if I asked you to because it means a lot to me and I want you to have this gift from God. I know it can be boring but we can be just on time and I can treat you afterwards… When she does go I am so grateful to her and make a big deal of being proud and impressed and not just for the moment but the following days, I make note of her good action and reward her in small ways even if that means paying extra attention or giving her a lot of respect.


How old are the family members in question?


Then you can lead by example!

“Hey, I am going to Mass Saturday at 5 PM then out for pizza after. Who is going with me?”


Unless the family members are your own underage children, you can do very little. Just set a good example and pray.


Keep being that example.


If you are an adult, you say Jesus didn’t want to go to the first mass either, but He did. Because He did, you and I can get to heaven. Shouldn’t we go and thank Him for doing that for us?


That happens to be the situation that I find myself in. No one wants to go to church anymore. My mother only went last week because I’ve been nagging her about it. Pray for me, that I can lead a holy example and encourage my loved ones to go, and I’ll do the same for you.


It will. It took years before my mother converted. But she did. I was only one of her examples used by the Holy Spirit. I’m a cradle Catholic.


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