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A while ago I began interacting with the Catholic Church more seriously. Before then I had accepted the logic and reason behind the arguments for the faith and it’s doctrine. Now, I am very seriously thinking of converting and have begun enquiry. Anyways, I started asking myself about confirmation, and particularly about confirmation saints. I have a couple of ideas, namely Augustine and Padre Pio, but I’d welcome any other ideas. I struggle alot with faith, it is very difficult for me to accept faith. I also struggle with lust, hence Augustine. I say this because I understand that your saint is supposed to have some connection to you and your spiritual development. Any ideas?

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Well, your confirmation saint doesn’t have to have any connection to you at all, actually. At least as far as I know. You can choose someone who is very different yet inspiring. Of course, you definitely can choose a saint who you can relate with, but it’s not a necessity.

I chose St. Pio!!! That’s why you should too!

I’m just kidding. I think he would be a good choice though. Just saying.

It’s great to hear your are inquiring! I chose St. Monica because of her dedication to praying for her son St. Augustine. I, too, have my son (and daughter) as my prayer intention focus. My professor at a Baptist college made a statement about Augustine which was my initial draw to the Catholic Church. He said Augustine has had, perhaps, the most influence on Christianity second only to Christ. As someone who had never heard of Church Fathers, this intrigued me. All of my classes (associate to Masters in Business Management) had some reference to Augustine - and this was at a Baptist College! Welcome!

Perhaps St Thomas who prayed “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.”


Sadly, taking a new name in no longer a part of the sacrament of Confirmation in my archdiocese.

I would say more important than this is that you find someone you feel personally close to, if possible. I chose St. Paul since I had wrestled with his writtings a lot in my conversion and I felt he must’ve been praying for me.

So it’s related but slightly different, if you catch what I mean. It’s like you’re being welcomed into the Catholic family with one friend in the Earthly world, your sponsor, and one in the heavenly world, you confirmation saint.

You can also choose your own first or middle name if it’s a Saint’s name already

Don’t worry about choosing a saint´s name. I always say to people when they ask me that the saints choose us. Closer to receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation it will be clear who the saint is.

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