Chris Angell - is he really walking on water?

I watched a show called “Mindfreak” that features an illusionist named Chris Angell. On last night’s episode, Angell supposedly is walking on water on Lake Mead in Nevada. The camera’s were shooting him at several angles (including from below the water) and people were passing their hands right under his feet as he was walking - it looked pretty authentic but obviously it was just an illusion of some sort but I can’t for the life of me figure out how he did it. Does anyone have any insights into his trade secret here…how did he do it? There’s a YouTube video of him doing the same thing in a swimming pool.

Personally, I think Chris Angell is in cahoots with the devil. no mortal should be able to do the things he does and he is just creepy. plus he is constantly mocking God’s miracles. just my 2 cents

If you Google him, you get all kinds of theories.

Keep in mind that most “volunteers” at most high tech magic shows are set up people. I have a good friend who is a pretty talented magician, and while he calls up kids for the low-key, low-tech stunts, virtually all the highly technical stunts calling for “volunteers” are always using plants. These plants are very good actors/actresses.

He is a very good illusionist!

If you knew the secret, he wouldn’t be a good illusionist!

I can recall as a kid practicing some low tech magic tricks, which seemed to me so obvious that everybody would figure them out. But nobody ever did.

I saw that stunt on tv just yesterday!

And no, I do not believe that he was really walking on water. Clear plexiglass is usually used in that illusion.

Oh, come on! He’s not in “cahoots” with the devil. The stunt is easy to explain. The yellow sun effects his gravitational pull.

He’s just a illusionist, no more, no less.
my GOD People, illusionists have been around for thousands of years and will be around for many more.
case in point. Disney Haunted Mansion, since it opened people have said it was all hitech lasers and stuff. only thing is, hitech and stuff didn’t excist when it was built. acually they are using a 350 year old carnival
illusion called Pepper’s Ghost. also used in everything
from Zambora the Gorilla Girl to dozens of other illusions. It’s only all illusions. It’s not from GOD or the devil. the human brain is easy to trick. that is all.

Look, I don’t look at Chris Angell or David Blaine because some of their tricks are just gruesome. However, I do watch (and enjoy) David Copperfield, and I’m pretty certain that his tricks are purely illusions (in part because I know how they work). I myself know a lot of illusions that are purely slight of hand, but have a lot of people fitting me for a dunking chair.

I’ve not seen anything done by Chris Angell, but I guess he must be a very good illusionist. As you know, he is not walking on water, but is merely appearing to do so.

My husband watched a few episodes of “Magic’s Biggest Secrets Revealed” or something like that and I saw a few minutes of it too. The magician, who wore a mask during the entire program, appeared to do some pretty amazing things, but then revealed his secrets afterwards. It was interesting to see how easy it is to fool an audience. Anyway, since you are curious, perhaps the secret to appear to be walking on water is in one of the episodes that the masked magician did and perhaps you can find it on YouTube or some other way.

I’m going to reverse myself and say don’t look on YouTube because some videos are there illegally (I don’t watch much YouTube and forgot about that problem). Maybe you can borrow a DVD from the library or even buy one. Even if you don’t find out how that particular trick is done, you might enjoy finding out how others work and realize they are all just very cleverly done illusions.

This is a very good question.
One respondent expressed the notion that this phenomena could have its source in evil. This is a possibility, albeit a very remote one. In the time of Jesus there was a common belief that miracles could be performed by evil. Jesus, Himself, was accused of performing miracles through evil means. This lead Him to issue a general warning about the “unforgivable” sin–blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Jesus, and others, also cautioned us about the end days where evil can emerge as from an angel of light, and that many will perform marvelous things to try to redirect the attention of the faithful away from God.
While this may be interesting, I doubt that this magician’s tricks are anything but an illusion.
As another mentioned, shills are often planted in audiences. Some shills are paid professionals and others (e.g., trusted amateurs) are simply paid to keep their mouths shut about the trick. A really superb illusion can actually make use of random participants from the audience.
How are illusions possible? There are many ways, and illusionists spend days, weeks, and sometimes years practicing and honing their illusions. In our physical reality there are many phenomena which can be harnessed, including magnetism, optical effects, “smoke and mirrors,” quantum effects, holographs, sleight of hand, psychological methods, diversion of attention, and many others.
I can only conjecture, but this particular illusion can take advantage of the different densities of matter. Water weighs approximately 10 pounds per gallon. A vacuum weighs nothing and is super buoyant. Somewhere in between are materials which are buoyant to some degree. Also, a piece of flat material is enough to hold an enormous amount of weight. Just look at the little flat boards used by people at the beach to skim across the shallow water. Now, consider the possibility of transparent, flat sheets of very light plastic attached to the feet. A very practiced illusionist may be able to use such a contraption to give the appearance of walking across water. If you add tiny little holes with clear, plastic one-way valves in the device, all one would have to do is make a walking motion to very easily stay “suspended” an inch or so below the water. If the illusionist is practiced enough, he or she could also slip one “board” off and, for a few moments, lift one foot out of the water. This would be a great finale. This is just one of many possible conjectures.

Is this a reference to the movie Superman 2 where one of the villains walks on water?

I don’t believe that he’s in cahoots with the devil. Criss Angel was the judge on a magic reality show last year called Phenomenon. On the show, one of the contestants claimed to have psychic powers and be chanelling the dead, and Angel actually chastised him for taking things too far. Angel even went so far as to write some things on two pieces of paper and put them into two sealed envelopes and challenge the guy to tell him what was in the envelopes. He even offered him a million dollars of his own money if the guy could do it. This strikes me as the actions of someone who is knowingly performing illusions, not someone relying on the supernatural help of the devil.

It is creepy, though! :slight_smile:

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