Chris Christie heading to New Jersey to assess next step


Headed toward a sixth place finish in the New Hampshire Republican primary, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he and his family plan to head home Wednesday to “make a decision on our next step forward” instead of continuing straight to South Carolina.

“We’re going to take a deep breath see what the final results are tomorrow…because so many New Hampshire residents came out to vote today, it’s going to take a while to count these votes so we want to see exactly what happens,” Christie said. “By tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, we should know…that’s going to allow us to make a decision about how we move from here in this race, but there’s no reason to go to sit in South Carolina in a hotel room to hear that.”

We will make a decision on our next step forward based upon the results," he added.


I hope an announcement is coming.


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is huddling with top campaign aides on Wednesday and all indications are they expect him to formally suspend his bid for the Republican nomination, according to two sources. Details are still being worked out.

One source noted that the New Jersey governor is a “political realist” and understood that not qualifying to appear in Saturday’s debate and the lack of money made it impossible to go forward.


JUST IN: @ABC News has learned NJ Gov. Chris Christie expected to formally suspend his presidential campaign as early as today


He’s been done since before Iowa… Fork please.


Good, Another RINO is out


I understand many think of him in that way, but in truth, he’s probably one of the three best qualified Repubs in the race, and only one of them is in the top three in N.H.

But then, I’m not a Repub, so the RINO epithet doesn’t have a whole lot of resonance with me.


Christie Veto Shuts Down Abortion Clinics in NJ

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And who is the choice who is so much better?


You obviously don’t live in NJ, where his approval rating is abysmal.

Under CC, the state’s credit rating has been down-graded six times, its economic recovery lags far behind the rest of the nation, and it ranks 39th (IIRC) in job creation. He has reneged on his agreement with the state’s public employees and cut pensions to fund tax breaks for millionaires. He has repeatedly lied about his record as a U. S. Attorney. He lied about the cost of the ARC tunnel so that he could scrap it and not raise the gas tax; that cost the state millions in federal funds that the state will have to make up in the very near future. He lied about why the state lost out on $400 million in federal funds for education; even the education commissioner he appointed produced emails that proved that his statements were lies. He spent $25 million in state money for a special election, just two weeks before the general election, to fill an empty Senate seat so that he would not appear on the same ballot as Cory Booker, who is much more popular, just to bolster his presidential chances.

And then there are all the lies pertaining to Bridgegate, not the least of which is that he was “cleared” of any wrong-doing. Not even the investigation he paid his political supporters $8 million to conduct did that.

God help us all if he’s the best we can come up with.


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