CHRIS CHRISTIE: The Day of Reckoning Is Here

Video at link

How refreshing, the man who tells it like it is. Just wish there were more like him.

It’s the same message MN’s Governor Pawlenty has led our state by in spite of it being one of the most left wing liberal states in the Union. Accountability is where it’s at, but too many people for too long didn’t want to hear it. They wanted to be handed something for nothing–let the government solve all their problems and pay their way. The era of entitlements is over, whether they know it or not because we simply can’t afford it. Not and have anything left for the next generation. Governor Christie and Governor Pawlenty are both right and the liberal left will find that out in November.

Who is going to believe Christie? He didn’t use even a telepromter. It’s like he wants us to believe he’s speaking from his heart.

If we are serious about leaving something of America for our progeny, our only choice is to limit how much money Washington gets. It’s time to pick up the leash and reign them in.



There is no reason Washington cannot meet it’s Constitutional responsibilities with a budget that doesn’t exceed 10% of our GDP. That would give the federal government $1.5 Trillion to spend, and (we-the-people should demand) not one cent more.

Same with my Governor… Mitch Daniels! :thumbsup:

That clip of his speech was only the tail end, so maybe he went into specifics earlier. I think he misses the ball as do virtually all our leaders. We didn’t get into this type of progressive nanny state situation by accident. It is a direct result of our departure from a firm faith in God and the consequent decline in societal morality and standards.

No politician will ever confront that ugly reality, so we’ll simply get more patches and band aids as the patient (the country) withers away. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

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