Chris Cuomo, Catholic League's Bill Donohue Clash Over Pope's Comments, Homosexuality

Here’s the Huffington Post’s piece on this interview:

But here’s another, as well, in which Donohue’s comments about Jews in Hollywood are noted:

:eek: Cuomo’s interpretation of the Pope’s comments aside, Donohue can stop representing me now based solely on his comments regarding Jews in Hollywood.

The fact that the media tries to distort what good Catholics say is nothing new.

This above & This below…

I never accepted Bill Donohue as my spokes person to begin with.

Yep, my wife claimed that right for me :wink:

Very funny:D

From the second article: Cuomo then asked Donohue about his past statements on how “it’s a fact” that Jews in Hollywood don’t like Catholics. **“Those are the kinds of things you shouldn’t say anymore,” **Cuomo pointed out.

The issue of Jews in Hollywood aside, what Cuomo replied is really pretty bad. What does that mean, there are things we shouldn’t say anymore? Who decides what those things are?

Is the only response available? Is the only defense against statements like this “we shouldn’t say that sort of thing”?

No! The proper response is not to use social approval or disapproval to guide someone’s words but to do something like ask for clarification or evidence for what he is saying or *something *other than seeming to agree but trying to shut him up!

I don’t agree with what Donohue said, but Cuomo’s response was no better.

I question the intelligence and agenda of both men.

I agree on one…their agendas. I won’t question their intelligence or lack there of.

I feel relatively justified questioning the intelligence of anyone who believes Jews in Hollywood “hate Catholics.” I can’t think of any support for such a charge.

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