Chris Dodd does to the movies what he did to he home mortgage biz

Magic Man Chris Dodd Leads
Movie Industry to Worst Ticket
Sales in 16 Years

Human Events, by Jim Hoft

Original Article

Posted 12/31/2011 2:27:57 PM

Chris Dodd, he’s got that magic touch. Former Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) is known for his contribution to the 2008 mortgage crisis. The former head of the powerful banking committee in the Senate, consistently resisted attempts by the Bush Administration to closely regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Dodd also got preferential treatment from Countrywide on two mortgages. (Snip) After the 2010 elections Chris Dodd quickly landed on his feet by becoming chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America. And, he brought that magic touch with him.

The same goes for Al Gore as spokesperson for Global Warming. If these two would team up and promote abortion, the industry would be out of business in a few months!

The bad film box office results are a result from 3d films. This awful 50s fad was resurrected by people who didn’t learn much from the first 3d fad! In a bad economy, you can’t expect people to pay 20$ per pop to watch stupid 3d films.

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