Chris Pratt hated on for his religion

Although he’s not Catholic, I thought this was interesting:

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Wow, people need to get a life, that poll is ridiculous.

Kudos to Robert Downey Jr.!


It is sweet to see his colleagues come to his defense.


Speaking of him…

Kind of an odd decision.

I think he just wanted to show his support, I don’t think he dislikes him or anything.

The only ones who say this are those who haven’t tried it.

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Ironman, indeed. I believe he is conservative, FWIW. Seems like a good dude. Loved Weird Science.

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I heard about this when I was listening to Ben Shapiro, and my response was something along the lines of “who cares what Hollywood thinks?”

The sudden hate on Chris was because there was apparently a tweet about the 4 Chris-es and many people basically said he was the worst out of all of them (some pointed to him following right wing accounts, his confederate shirt, and his hillsong affiliation). They basically labelled him as a Trump supporter, rather than a Christian although I’m sure the latter has some influence.

To be honest, this would have blew over because a similar thing has happened before when he wore that shirt and when another actress called him out for his choice of church. But I did find it interesting how they all spoke up, it’s probably a PR move although I’m sure he’s genuinely well liked in the group.

I personally don’t really like him that much after he gleefully told a story about how he appeared nude to Amy Poehler to her surprise when filming a scene, and then him laughing over the network telling him he couldn’t do that. That was sleazy, although he may have changed since.

He was in at least one pixelated nude scene in Parks and Recreation.
It was played for comedy rather than salaciousness.
So yeah, that’s probably true.

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To be fair, if you watch the outtake that caught that moment (they pixelated out his crotch) Amy Poehler clearly found it hilarious. She came out of the world of improv, I’m sure she’s more than fine with some rough and tumble bawdy humor.

I’m sure he only did it because he knew her well enough to know she’d find it funny, not offensive. I doubt he’s flashing random strangers.

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Yup, it’s clear Amy wasn’t personally affected by it. I wasn’t really caught up about that part of it, i just think the act in itself and laughing about the warning to be sleazy. If Amy was bothered, I think he wouldn’t have been openly sharing about it. It’s just one of those things where you would have to actually do it before knowing the other’s reaction, so imo best not to do it

It’s no surprise. The Democrats and Hollywood in particular hate religious people. Except for maybe Jim Caviezel (who was discriminated against after Passion of the Christ) there are no Catholics in Hollywood and very few Christians. I have stopped watching Television and Movies because I can not support Hollywood and their toxicity.

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Unfortunately there are lots of other people who think the same way.
Perhaps enployers or future employers. If not now, what about in 5, 10, 20 years?

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