Chrisim Mass last night

I experienced my first Chrism Mass last night at our cathedral. What a beautiful experience. I was truly inspired seeing so many of our faithful priests there, all at one time!
What an honor it is to be able to call myself “Catholic.”

Has anyone else here experienced the Chrism Mass? What were your impressions?


My churches was on Monday night. It was very uplifting to see so many priests and seminarians and altar servers all together with the Bishop. I sent my poor priest a list of questions afterwards so I can understand the Mass more. I have to admit I felt quite flat yesterday after feeling so uplifted.

I noted how many of our priests are quite old now and shall pray for more seminarians in the years to come…

Chrism mass was so delightful! The bishop told us stories with his tall white hat, and all of the priests in yellow robes sang together in the giant cathedral!

Our Chrism Mass in on Holy Thursday. I will be going.

I went to the one in the Diocese of Belleville (IL). THere were 50-75 protesters present outside the cathedral because the bishop recently removed a priest who ad-libs much of the mass.

Do any traditionalists who primarily attend the EF attend the Chrism mass? I know some traditional priests who do not.

With all charity–are these ‘traditional’ priests diocesan priests? Or do they belong to a society, such as the FSSP? The reason I ask is that I simply cannot imagine a diocesan priest refusing to go to the Chrism Mass, one of the most important diocesan masses of the year, and violating his oath of obedience to the bishop, his ordinary, because the mass in question was not ‘traditional’. In fact, since it is a special liturgy (that is to say, not the ordinary mass and akin to Ordinations, etc.) I don’t think there is a diocese on this planet, including the Vatican, that offers an EF Chrism Mass, so to speak, nor am I sure that there was ever an EF Chrism Mass per se.

In our diocese’s Chrism Mass we had nuns, sisters, brothers, monks, religious priests, diocesan priests, and the People of God all gathered into the Cathedral with their abbots, priors, mothers, and bishops. It was a beautiful Liturgy infused with the Holy Spirit–and it was in English, Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Korean.

Not diocesan.

There was a Chrism Mass before the New Mass was promulgated. It’s in any older Pontificale (not in the regular altar missal, since the bishop uses the Pontificale).

Diocesan priests probably are expected all to go, but for priests in orders like the FSSP, I don’t think they should have to.

I am sure many on this forum think they should, but the fact is the FSSP was started as a group of priests from the SSPX who were given a regular status in the Church with a certain understanding. Not having to celebrate or even go to the NO is part of that.

They pray for the bishop in the Canon of the Mass (1962). The Church never taught that not being at the Chrism Mass implies disunity or disobedience. Though the converse is surely true - presence at the Chrism Mass is a sign of unity for sure.

My diocese’s Chrism Mass is tomorrow morning. I just LOVE that Mass. I look forward to it each year. I only usually go to the cathedral twice a year - for the Chrism Mass and the Ordination Mass.

I love watching the priests stand in unity and renew their faithful vows to Holy Mother Church.

YES IT WAS! Especially as DH and I watched our priest say renew his vows…and then we promised the Bishop to pray for them:thumbsup:

I went to my first Chrism Mass since becoming Catholic Feb. 11 this year and it was beautiful! What really impressed me was the beauty of having all the priests of the diocese with their Bishop standing together on the alter. It was a Holy, Blessed time. I’m certain all of Heaven was present with us :slight_smile:

I am so very blessed to have become Catholic after many years wandering in the protestant world!


Is the Crism Mass usually open to the general public? I was under the assumption that one needed tickets to get into the Crism Mass.


As far as I understand at the Chrism Mass, every priest in the Diocese renews his vows to the priesthood and obedience to the bishop. If the priests are not incardinated in that diocese then they have not made a promise of obedience to that bishop and so they would not have an obligation to attend.

Obviously not in our diosese! What a beautiful Mass:) I can’t believe you need tickets?! (perhaps some places there are problems with seating?)


That was a very moving part of the Mass!


I was able to attend the Chrism at the Bismarck Cathedral without tickets.:flowers:

Our Chrism Mass had no tickets and there was standing room only. I would think that diocese with small cathedrals might have to give our tickets so there would be enough room for those who have to be there and have reserved seating. In our diocese usually the deacons, their wives, parents of priests (especially those recently ordained) all the seminarians, religious who care to attend and some others. We still had a lot of room for people from the diocese even with reserved rows.

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