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I gotta tell ya, I’ve been doing extensive reading on Chrisitanity, Islam, and Judaism (not so much Judaism but I feel I know the basics fairly well), and I must say that I am hopelessly confused now. It seems to me religion is way more about what you’re born into and your cultural heritage than any perceived “truth” you developed through study, and prayer. 99.5% of the time when a 20 something leaves their faith then comes back in their 30’s, it just so happens to be the religion of their youth they come back to, through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

A Jew won’t become a Christian because he already has a covenant with God and God can’t break a covenant (I can’t blame a Jew for not converting at all, why would they God already preferes them over everyone else?). A Christian believes Jesus saves them from their iniquities and without Him they are lost and will be in hell (they are raised that rejecting Jesus means Jesus will reject you), also even if a Christian converts to Judaism they aren’t “really” a Jew like one who is genetically a Jew, and it requires denying Jesus which even for the most fallen away Christian is very very difficult to do, I know I could never deny Jesus even under threat of death, I just couldn’t. A Muslim is typically raised in the Middle East and Asia and taught that Muhammed is a prophet and Allah is God and Islam is the truth, and Muslims are not exposed to any other religion.

So who is right? I can honestly say I have no idea anymore. If the Holy Spirit guides people to God who are true seekers we have to assume a few things for Catholicism (Chrisitanity in general) to be the true path:

  1. No Muslim, Jew, Mormon, etc… is genuinely seeking God (which I don’t believe).
  2. The Holy Spirit guides people to other faiths for a reason we do not know. (if that’s the case these people can’t be damned).
  3. The Holy Spirit is a prankster and likes to confuse us.

I mean read a Mormon board if you have the chance, their entire religion is based on validation from the Holy Spirit, they are very sincere men and women of God, yet being lead astray by the same Holy Spirit that is supposed to guide us in all truth? How can everyone be praying to the same God, yet what they’re getting back from God is so contradictory to what others are?

Does this make any sense at all? Or am I just rambling? If anyone can make heads or tails of what I just wrote, and feels like commenting it’s appreciated.


I have thought about this alot. when “shopping for religion” as i did for a time, you have to compare the claims of them. And they make the same claims of the holy spirit yet if you look at them from an outsiders perspective the holy spirit appears to be talking out of both sides of his mouth, yet we know, and all the religions claim, that this is not possible.

Morihei Ueshiba the founder of Aikido is quoted as saying that “there are many paths to the top of mt. fuji, but only one summit, LOVE” We all know God is LOVE. And every one knows the ways of LOVE are not the ways of our mind or nature. LOVE does what it will. We will never understand its power or intent with our selfishness, pride and egotism. That said we all desire to find God. We all want to know what it is we have to do to be in his Love. Christ, God himself, says that there is nothing that we have to do because he is going to do it for us!

As for me, I am Catholic. I think it is clear that Jesus Christ founded this church. Its truth is so undeniable and its history clearly shows that it is the original church that has preserved the original teachings all this time.

Is that to say other religions have no truth, or they are damned. I tell you what, that is way above my pay grade, and intelligence level. Not to mention way overstepping the liberties and responsibilities that God has granted me. I think i will leave it to him.


I believe that this is a very honest post. That people look for things, not based on truth is right on. I believe Religion in general is man’s invention, Genesis Chapter 11 shows man’s first attempt at religion, government, etc…

You need to continue to look for God, not a religion, or an organization. Look to become right with God. If you intentions is for truth, then God will lead you to Him.

If you look, in the Bible, God never once asked anyone to join a religion.


God never mentions the Bible either, but does that mean we shouldn’t read it? :rolleyes:


MIchael - read Pope John Paul II’s *Dominus Jesus. *It is not very long but VERY helpful as to the path to salvation through faith and the search for truth.



Since the Church (at least in the CCC) never claims that people who are Jewish, or Muslim, or Hindu, or Buddhist, will necessarily be damned forever, I don’t see what your real question is.


With all due respect rbarcia, this is a most bizarre statement.

Jesus told Peter, “Upon this rock I will build my church”.

I won’t go into the argument of what or who “the rock” is, but Jesus obviously meant He was founding a new religion.

He made a new covenant with us. One to replace the old one made with the Jews.

The Apostles went around converting people to this church that Jesus left on earth.

The word “church” simply means the universal people gathered in the name of Christ, believing in all the things Jesus taught us, and all the teachings His followers wrote down and passed down.

This is the Catholic Church, not simply an “official religion” or “organization”, but catholic as meaning universal, and church as in quoted in Scripture.

So yes, God does want us to join a religion, the one He created.


Many paths, one destination. Other Jews would disagree with me, but that’s how I view it. If we (as Jews) believe that a non-jew can be a righteous person and have a share in the world to come, then we have to believe that there are other ways of worship that are just as valid as Judaism, although not valid for us.

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