Chrism Mass and LOTH

Is there a Divine Office that corresponds to the Mass of Chrism?

No. The Mass, and the Divine Office, are two different things.

There are times in the Triduum where the timing of the Mass (or Passion liturgy) removes the need to attend the Office at the corresponding hour that normally falls in that time, and where clergy who don’t participate in that Mass must recite the applicable hour instead. These times are:

Vespers for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper,
Vespers for those who don’t participate in the Good Friday Passion service
Compline for those who do not participate in the Easter Vigil
Office of Readings (without psalmody) for those who do not participate in the Easter Vigil.

What OraLabora said.
The reason is that Chrism mass is not a specific “liturgical day” of its own in the liturgical calendar.

Furthermore, many dioceses do not have the Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday, but, on another day during Holy Week. Ours will be tomorrow. The priests are going to gather for a day of recollection and the LOTH that they will be using will be for Tuesday of Holy Week.

We have it on Monday which works out well. There is just too much going on already late in the week. Anything which spreads it out a bit helps keep everyone calm and focused on prayer rather than the tight schedule.

Our diocese does not have Chrism Mass during Holy Week. It is celebrated the Thursday before Holy Thursday.

We have ours holy Thursday morning, but unfortunatly I am never able to attend since everyone in the parish has off except me…someone has to be here and I get elected since I have lots to prepare for the evening mass.

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