Chrisots Voskrese

The Ukrainian Church I attend sings this hymn sometimes. I cannot find it anywhere on the internet except this little portion. Does anyone by chance know when I can find the full length. I have many versions but none with the same melody. I am not musically inclined so the terminology may not be correct.

Try searching it using this: Христос воскрес.Христос+Воскресе&oq=Христос+Воскресе&gs_l=youtube.3…0l6.8854.8854.0.9242.…0.0…

This hymn is Sohlasno Zaspivajme
Here is a Rusyn version,
with paschal troparion

a fragment on an album of the same title:,7675772-21146520,00.html

Music and lyrics:

Христос воскресe might work better!

Thank you so much. I have been looking for this for quite some time. Do you happen to have a translation of the full song handy somewhere.

No, but from the MCI link:

An English translation, “Let us joyfully all sing”, with three verses, was published in the Ukrainian Catholic The Divine Liturgy: An Anthology for Worship (2004). The translation is anonymous.

Ukrainian version.

Sohlasno Zaspeevaymo

Sohlasno Zaspeevaymo
Veseleemsya razom Dnes’,
Eesusa proslavlyaymo
Veen bo eez mertvikh voskres!
/2/ Khrystos voskres eez mertvykh!
Voskres, Voskres
Voskres eez mertvykh
Smertyu, smertyu, smert podolav
Smertyu, smertyu, smert podolav
Ee tim shcho v hrobakh
zhitya, zhitya darovav.

Let us joyfully all sing
Praises to our Lord and King
Jesus Christ we glorify
God our Savior from on high.
/2/ Christ is Risen from the dead
He is Risen! He is Risen!
Christ our Lord is Risen!
Trampling, Trampling death by death
Trampling, Trampling death by death
To those in the tombs
He did, He did grant them life.

Women came that early morn
Bearing ointment to adorn
Jesus’ wounds inflicted when
On the Cross He died for men.
/2/ Christ is Risen from the dead
“Who will” say they in dismay
“Help us roll the stone away?”
From the tomb they heard a voice
He rose, come and now rejoice
/2/ Christ is Risen from the dead


Sohlasno zaspivajme, vesel’imsja
razom dnesj. Isusa proslavl’ajme,
On bo iz mertvych voskres. Christos
voskrese iz mertvych, voskrese,
voskrese, voskrese iz mertvych
smertiju, smertiju, smert’poprav, smertiju,
smertiju, smert’poprav, i sushchim vo
hrobich zhivot, zhivot darovav.

I found the full length version if anyone else is interested. I searched for согласно заспіваймо in youtube

Хрїстóсъ воскрéсе!
Χριστός ἀνέστη!
Christ is Risen

Here is an interesting site for Xpucmoc Bockpec in Greek and Ukrainian Ukrainian Greek Arabic Romanian and FRench

but my favourite!!! from Lebanon absolutely beautiful!!!

Хрїстóсъ воскрéсе! Christ Is Risen


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