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When did Christ know fully who he was?


Well, Mary and Joseph both knew without any doubt that he was conceived of the Holy Spirit. I don’t suppose they kept it secret from Jesus.

And most certainly he was fully aware by the time he was 12 and calling God ‘my father’ in the Temple.


so did he fully understand what the mission was at 12?

that seems like alot to put on a 12 year old being fully human


It’s not too much to put on the Son of God :getholy:

And I’m not saying he knew his whole mission at 12 - that possibly wasn’t revealed until he went into the desert after his Baptism. Possibly not even until Gethsemane or shortly before.

But he definitely knew WHO he was well before then.


I think he undrstood his mission from the time of his dedication in the temple and was training and growing in wisdom but when he turned 12 was when he began to let the world know He knew. Luke 2; 49 Do you not know I must be about my Father’s work? His divine link to his Father takes over from being just a child to his parents. So your question could mean when did Jesus know He wasn’t just a child anymore, when His Father said He was ready now. When He had grown in wisdom.


Guide me by your wisdom, correct me with your justice, comfort me with your mercy, protect me with your power. Pope Clement XI



Jesus Christ knew Who He was and what His mission was from all of eternity.


Christ, even as an embryo, was a Divine Person, in other words He was God as an embryo, and thus knew everything.

As an embryo, He was keeping the world in existence, He was keeping all the stars in existance, planets in their orbits
He was keeping Mary in existence and alive, and He was causing the existance of His own flesh and blood.

This is only basic Catholicism.
Jesus has two natures.
A Divine Nature. That is, He is God.
A human nature. He is a man just like us.

Jesus is only ONE person, A Divine Person.
He is not two persons, a Divine Person and a human person. He is only one person, with two natures.

Jesus did not lose any of His Divinity when He became God. He did not lose any of His power when He became God.

He was the same God before His incarnation as He was after His incarnation.

Since He is God, he could not change after His incarnation. God cannot change, since He is perfect.

Whatever one person of the Trinity does in His divinity, all three do in their divinity. Basic theology.
Thus, as God, Jesus could not lose anything that pertains to God after His incarnation, otherwise the Father would lose the exact same thing and the Holy Spirit would lose the exact same thing as pertaining to their divinity. There is only one God, there is only ONE Divine nature.

Thus Jesus could not lose or give up any powers after His incarnation, otherwise both the Father and the Holy Spirit would lose the exact same powers.
And again, God cannot change.

 All scripture must be interpreted according to these teachings that have come down in the Gospel that the apostles preached, which is the Catholic faith,  "the source of all saving truth", as the Catechism teaches. 

Thus, all changes in the Divinity of Jesus as spoken of in Scripture must be attributed to external appearances, that is , changes that appeared externally to men, changes in appearance only, changes only in what men could observe, and thus no actual changes in the Divinity of Christ.

The reason most Catholics don’t know these basic facts is because those Catholic scholars, who teach what homilies are supposed to consist of have no idea, absolutely no idea, what the Church means by “proclaiming the Gospe.l”

And the only way they are going to learn is by learning directly from the popes, esp Pope Paul VI and JPII


Since Christ was (and is) always God, He always knew it. But in His humanity He was not always equipped to know it in the way we would understand “to know”. And yet John the Baptist leaped in the womb at the presence of Mary and Jesus, so why should it not have been that even in His humanity Christ did not always know that He was God?

Another way of thinking about this is, if Adam and Eve had not fallen, would their children have come into life not knowing God? That doesn’t sound likely. I imagine, rather, that humans were originally “designed” to know God from the moment of their creation, and I would view the OPs question in that light.


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