Christ in a Pez dispensor?


Since this is a non Catholic communion service, it is in fact bread in the dispenser and not Christ. It is also wine or grape juice in the disposable cups, not Christ.

Liturgical supply companies sell to a wide variety of ecclesial communities that are not Catholic and they advertise accordingly.

This is awesome, man

Something like this seems to get posted every few months when someone “discovers” that there actually are non-Catholic liturgical supplies and vendors.

Correct. Not sure what denomination of service this is.

The one in the vid isn’t Catholic, but this one is…


What’s revolting about that? It’s only bread in the dispenser and it’s a sanitary way of doing what we did for years in our parish: enter the church, pick up an unconsecrated host from a basket and drop it in the ciborium to be brought up in procession at the Offertory.

That was used only with unconsecrated hosts to count before Mass. It says that toward the very end. Still, I understand the concern. It’s not far-fetched to think that this parish could resort to using this during communion during the flu season since so many people hand out communion.
I also think that we treat the Eucharist with less respect than those Protestants considering we have the real thing.
I say bring back the altar rails!

I’ve been to a handful of churches where this was done for daily Mass and a convent church where they even did this for Sunday Mass. Usually, they have tongs (always tongs, never hands) to move the bread from one bowl to another. Unfortunately, sometimes the bowls are very similar. I once moved bread the wrong way and only realized it just before Mass started (I fixed my error and returned to my pew just as Mass started).

The dispenser is unambiguous.


Have we moved so far as a society that we literally fear the human touch because we fear germs that much? I’m always sad when we give the Sign of Peace that many people will not shake their follow brother and sisters hands.

But back to the handling and distribution of our Lord and Savior, all Priest purify their hands prior to handling the Host and (in every parish I’ve been to) the EMHC will sanitize themselves prior to taking the ciborium.

Anything more just seems like overkill. But I admit this is purely my own humble and unenlightened opinion ;).

God Bless.

The priest does a ritual purification which does absolutely nothing to remove germs from his hands. I’ve seen some EMCHs use a hand sanitizer (which you can then taste on the Host, in the same way that you can taste the Chrism if the priest has celebrated a Baptism at Mass) but it’s certainly not a universal practice. That doesn’t stop me from receiving.

But in the case we are discussing here, the hosts in the dispenser are not consecrated and they remain clean, cleaner than when left in a bowl or basket at the back of the church to be added to the ciborium as folks enter the church.

Phemie - yes I realized after I posted that it was unconsecrated host and quickly deleted my comments. Unfortunately you were much to quick for me :smiley:

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