Christ is the perfect image of God

I am in a conversation with a JW regarding the Holy Trinity. He brought up that Christ is the perfect image of God, to which I completly agree, however, I don’t think we are on the same page about this. He did say though, that if you look into a mirror and see an image of yourself, it is a perfect image of yourself. Does anyone, possibly an ex-JW, have any thoughts on where he might be going with this so I may be prepared to discuss this further with him when we meet next week?

I appreciate any help, anyone can give me with this.

…last i heard, he IS GOD!

[quote=irishmom] He did say though, that if you look into a mirror and see an image of yourself, it is a perfect image of yourself.

Except that it’s TOTALLY reversed, two dimensional, and strictly speaking, it’s distorted, as no mirror is perfectly made.

Furthermore, it’s a lame analogy, because only a JW (or a Mormon) would think that “image of God” means that Christ LOOKS like God the Father.

Double furthermore, what’s his point?

Triple furthermore, with heretics (JWs, Mormons, and, frankly, all non-Catholics to some degree or another) you have to be on the offensive, not the other way around. THEIR claims are the “different gospel”, not ours. No matter WHAT they say, it is not justified by the Bible, because the Bible (New Testament) is a Catholic document… and not even the first one! It’s like someone using your own words to tell you what you ~really~ meant, rhetorical nonsense.

We can practice here:

Me: “The early Christians actually taught that the SkyPony was going to come and give free shoes to all the barefoo…”

You: “No, young man, you are very confused, I think you ought to go study hist…”

Me: “You’re not even going to hear out my Sky Pony Gospel of Shoes!? How intolerant!”

You: “I don’t have to follow you if you’re headed in the wrong direction. Before you ask me to accept your alternative history, you need to tell me what’s wrong with the real history we already have, so, let’s look at what the early Fathers had to say…”

Hi irishmom,

Yep the perfect image line is garbage. He’s trying to say that Christ is a very good copy - perfect (almost) of God but… and this is where he’s going… NOT God Himself. Which of course, we know is not true. Jesus is God. So the next time he says, “Christ is the perfect image of God” what you should say is, “Christ IS God.” Peroid. Then he’ll dig up a bunch of scriptures that they’ve twisted into supporting the JW view & you’ll be lost unless you are so Bible savy yourself.

As a former JW, I can tell you that no offense, but you are probably no match. He already knows where you’re going with your agrument (about the Trinity or anything else really) and he’s already prepared to be one step ahead of you. My adivce would be to leave the Bible out of it… tell him what a wonderful realtionship you have with Christ Himself - tell him of your joy & peace knowing you are part of the True Chrurch that Christ Himself established and that you are so blessed to recieve Jesus in the Eucharist. When he questions you about that don’t get into it with him - tell him to read John chapter 6. Then leave it at that. I would NOT meet on a regular basis with this person.

It’s like playing with fire…

Peace be with you,

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