Christ Married to Mary Magdalene

Were can I find an answer to a protestant friend for belief that Christ was married to Mary Magdalene ? Also that Christ was a father of a son born to his marriage to Mary Magdalene.

You can start with several good Catholic resources that debunk the DaVinci Code, which is primarily where this nonsense comes from along with other writings that are just made up wholesale.

The DaVinci Hoax for example.

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You could ask him/her where they found that in the Bible.

(1) there is no evidence in the Bible that Christ was married at all.

(2) There is no evidence in the early Church that Christ was married; if anything the early idea of celibates and virgins points to opposite–that they were imitating Christ in being free for the Kingdom.

There is no evidence -one would have thought that somewhere someone in the early Church would have mentioned a marriage-don’t buy the Gospel of Jesus’s wife-evidene sugest the small fragment is a forgery:o

Most protestants are wise enough not to believe this Da Vinci drivel which he is the first to state is fiction, as they wisely look to the Bible for their , in our eyes, incomplete belief structure. Your friend may be having a go at you. Test him or her on the foundations of their belief and go from there.

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A Protestant asked you this? I’m shocked, if it isn’t in the Bible they don’t believe it. I would say it’s not in the Bible and in fact there is a women that when the Apostles first see Christ speaking with, they "were surprised to find him talking with a woman. But no one asked, “What do you want?” or “Why are you talking with her?” John 4:27. At this point why would they be surprised, Jesus had spoken to women before in His public ministry, why now, what was different, you have to go back to the Old Testament if you were looking for a spouse, the well was the place to find them. The venue of the first encounter between Moses and Zipporah, his future wife, was beside a well (Ex. 2:15–17). and Jacob’s wife Rebekah was found at the well and gave Abraham’s servant a drink of water which was the sign he prayed to God for. Any first century Jew would have associated man + woman + well = Engagement. So when the Apostles see Jesus and the Samaritan woman at none other than Jacob’s well, they have concluded master has a lady friend… And she is a Samaritan! We all know Jesus didn’t marry this woman, He couldn’t have but she does represent the bride that Christ is going to die for and Jesus is the Bridegroom. The woman at the well represents all of us, the sinful, who come to repent and Jesus is waiting for the whole world at the well to poor out the Living Water. I thirst has incredible meaning, He thirsts for us.

Many non-Catholic denominations in the West are falling apart.

The bible would have mentioned if Jesus was married; there are four gospels and not one has a single mention Jesus being married or having a son.

Jesus was not married to anyone, and all evidence suggests that he not only was a virgin but was also celibate. Heck, I don’t even think Martin Luther would was unorthodox enough to believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were anything more than friends.

I agree that the friend isn’t really a Protestant, at least in the classical sense. Unfortunately, it seems that anyone not Catholic or Eastern Orthodox is automatically Protestant, even though they follow little of Luther or Calvin. I wonder if Baptists can really be called Protestants, let alone the non-demom, mega-church types that followed.

The burden of proof is on the one making the claim. It is up to your friend to prove his claim. It is not your job to disprove it.

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