"Christ Renews His Parish" Retreat?

Has anyone attended or know anything about this retreat which seems to be very popular around the country? Some people in our parish are talking about having one, but the only info I can find are generic descriptions from parish websites. Is it similar to “Renew” or Cursillo? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

Hi Fidelis,

If you do a “search” in these forums on “CRHP” you will find a lot of discussions. BTW, my experience with it was positive.

It is similar to Cursillo from what I hear. My experience was not only positive, but a huge leap forward in my spiritual journey. However, I would say it is essential to accompany the formation of the Christ Renews His Parish with good doctrinal catechesis. The formation doesn’t really address doctrine, but prayer, scripture, and community.

I went on a CHRP weekend about 20 years ago and it was a very postive spiritual help for me and it was great for our parish. I would go again now if my parish offered it. It is a very special time.
The format may differ slightly, however there are witnesses, small group discussions, prayer time, reconciliation time, and reflection time, and affirming time. It is very postive for most people. It can lead to continued meetings and a future retreat. After 20 years my initial group still meets periocially for prayer even though many of us have moved into different parishes.

I also had a very positive experience with CRHP in my parish. It was very encouraging to learn about the faith experiences and background of other members of the parish and gives the opportunity to build friendships based on our common faith. Some individuals attend the retreat that have minimal faith life, others have tremendous faith life. The ones with minimal faith life get a glimpse of better things and the everyone on the retreat gets a faith boost.

Though I take issue with some of the catechesis in the program, I think the program is well worth while. There is a time to argue fine points of our faith, but I think that this weekend and the “formation” program that is an optional follow on are not the appropriate places for those discussions. The main thrust of the program is to allow a forum for sharing faith and building relationships with other individuals in your parish to give the opportunity to continue the discussions after the formal program is over.


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