CHRIST’s sacrificial sufficiency

So if CHRIST’s sacrifice is sufficient to cleanse us from all sins and we can apply it in different t ways, how come it is said that the mass sacrifice atones for our sins. If it is the same sacrifice as Calvary how could it add anything to it and couldn’t it be applied without re-presenting it. Thanks!

I’m just a layperson; however, I think it has something to do with the fact that Jesus lives in us via the Mass. So, we are the “body of Christ”. It was the “body of Christ” at Calvary. Today, the sacrifice continues b/c our bodies are the “body of Christ”. The Eucharist is also “the body of Christ”. The faithful who have passed are also “the body of Christ”, and they too participate some way at Mass. In some way, at Mass, the sacrifice continues, b/c the body of Christ is still present on earth.

As Christians we ask Christ to live in us. We also participate in Christ. Communion allows us to unite ourselves as one body in Christ, for us each to receive him anew throughout all time. Human beings are both body and soul. We’re not just intellectual or spiritual beings. The sacraments are participatory, they ask us to engage.

And we’re asked to unite our own sacrifices to Christ’s. This doesn’t mean His was limited, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add our own. Why? Because God saw it appropriate for Himself to associate us in this way.

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Thr Eucharist is a presenting again of Christ’s Sacrifice at Calvary. What can be added to it but our own cooperation, our own sacrifices?


Christ’s sacrifice for our sins is only efficacious for those who choose to participate in it. We begin this participation in baptism, and continue it in the Eucharist. At the Mass, we add OURSELVES to the sacrifice so that we can participate in it.

It can be applied without re-presenting it. God can apply his mercy and grace to us however He chooses. He promised that our participation in it would give us life within us.

One must understand the Eucharist within the context of the Passover from which it emanates. The Passover was given as an anamnesis so that all subsequent generations of Jews could participate in celebrating the Exodus. In the same way, those of us that were not present at the cross can participate by being present at the Mass.

Remove the “if” and you’ve answered it. It is the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary. The Mass doesn’t add to what it already is.

I think it might be more accurate to say that we become present to the once for all sacrifice He made for us on the cross.

Gmsod, Jesus Christ, our Great and Kind Saviour and God, commanded His ordained ministers, to continually offer up His Once and perfect Sacrifice to the Father, (Luke 22:19), as Jesus Christ always acts as intercessor to His Father for us, (Hebrews 7:25), not just past sins, but present and future sins committed, when repented of and confessed, (Luke 13:5, 1 John 1:9, John 20:23). Peace to you always in the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, our Good and Great God and Saviour

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