Christ the King.

I love this feast day.

Is it the first day of the liturgical year or the last day?


It is the “last” day of the year for accounting purposes.

But since the liturgical year is part of a cyclical process, the Feast of Christ the King leads very nicely into the beginning of the liturgical year. Because we celebrate that Jesus is King we must once again tell his story with another liturgical year.

It’s actually neither.

Christ the King is on a Sunday. We then have the weekdays of the last week of Ordinal Time.

The next Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent. That’s when the new church-year begins.

The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe is the last Sunday of the liturgical year but not the last day of the liturgical year. The last day of the liturgical year would be the Saturday before the First Sunday of Advent.

The weekdays between the two Sundays are listed as “Monday of the 34th Week in Ordinary Time” and so on.

This is one my favorite feasts of the year as well. I think the fact that God is forgotten in most governments now (with separation of Church and State) it is a day to celebrate who truly rules our souls, our society, our world.

It is the true distinction between us and monotheists (Jews and Muslims) who don’t recognize Christ as God and King.

In our parish we do a procession throughout the town…and it’s exhilarating to “walk the walk” with the Holy Eucharist crowned King as our leader.

I could go on and on…this feast day is what being Catholic is all about!

Viva Cristo Rei!!!

:smiley: How easy it is for us to forget the weekdays. :slight_smile:

Right. Christ the King had been celebrated on the last Sunday of October before the change was made to the newer form of Mass. It is still celebrated that way in the EF.

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