Christ The Lord

Just finished reading Ann Rice’s “Christ The Lord”, what I took as a very plausible first person"coming of age novel" about Jesus Christ.I literally could not put it down and read it in one day. I was astonished however when I went on-line looking for more from the author. How could someone so anti-Catholic and so deeply into the occult write such an inspiring book? Or, was I quite literally beguiled? Should I seek out an exorcist?

Anne Rice was a catholic growing up then she fell into atheism. A while back she became catholic again and wrote those books about our king. Then she became atheist again. I guess shes an on again off again whatever they call it:shrug:

She wrote two of those books after her reversion, you’ll also like Christ the Lord Road to Cana.

Anne Rice stopped writing the series and left the Church because of the abuse scandal, according to her. I think those books would have been so popular and such a force for good that the devil put a whole legion on her to unrevert her.

I feel very sad about the whole thing.

If I recall correctly (I could be wrong) she has a son who is homosexual and the Church’s teaching on homosexuality became a sticking point for her. It is sad because in the period after her “reversion” she seemed to really have the joy of the Faith.

If I remember correctly, she has a pen name that she writes erotic stories under. If I want to read Catholic themed books, I honestly don’t think of Anne Rice in any way whatsoever.

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