Christendom Has Betrayed God and the Bible


Didn’t you know that those bad, bad Christians are the cause of all the world’s problems?


Flip-Flop Watch is quite immaterial the day Christmas is celebrated; we may properly join. (WT 12/15/1903,p. 3290)

Don’t quibble about the date; join in with the world and celebrate Christmas. ( WT 12/1/1904, p. 3468)

The Studies in the Scriptures suggested as Christmas gifts. ( WT 11/15/1907, p. 4094)

Christmas is so important, regardless of the date. ( WT 12/15/1926, p. 371)

’ Jesus was not born on December 25th…Hence, celebrating his birthday through Christmas observance on December 25 is totally inappropriate for those guided by the Holy Scriptures.’ ( WT 12/151979, p.5)

’ We all need to face up to the fact that Christmas and its music are not from Jehovah, the God of truth. Then what is their source?..Satan the Devil.’ ( WT 12/15/1983, p. 7)

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