My 13 yo daughter is in conversation (i.e. texting) with a young man who is a member of the Christiadelpia church…he seems genuinely curious about Catholicism, but we aren’t really clear where he is coming from and on what he bases his beliefs other than he wants specific Bible verses.

For example, it is unclear if he believes in heaven…he talks about a New Jerusalem, but I think he literally means Jerusalem, but after the 2nd coming of Christ.

Can anyone give us a little perspecitve on this? Thank you so much!

They are a real hodge-podge of beliefs - some orthodox and others seemingly picked from the air by private interpretation of scripture. They do not believe in heaven, but a restored earth. Since, IMO, they were inspired by the same spirit of division that plagued America in the 19th century, they share teachings with the many heretical sects that were spawned in that era. As usual, they alone have the full truth. Right.

Just another heresy.

The Christadelphian DNA is “Adventist”, the same as the World Wide Church of God, JW’s & Seventh-day Adventists…
…As such they reject the Trinity & believe that Jesus was a ‘creature christ’.
…In other-words they believe Christ was mutable ( capable of sinning and getting Himself annihilated by Ultimate God ).

They believe that at death one is separated from God and enters into a ‘soul sleep’…
…Christ existed as Michael the archangel prior to the Incarnation.
…& that The Father “infused” or poured in a conditional deity to Christ.
…Provided that Christ obeyed ( was a good Christ ) He was allowed to keep this on loan deity. If not…

As in all religions there can be found good people - as others have said…
…The Christadelphians are a heretical cult.

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