Christian alternatives to Netflix


Since Netflix has some many polemical aspects, do anyone can suggest good Christian alternatives to it?


FORMED. if you have a ROKU or Apple TV. There’s a n app. Get a login from your parish. Great films on some incredible people.


I have a Roku device, I did not know that. Thank you.

What is a roku? I’m sure I dont have but just wondering I’m guessing it is US specific this formed org? I am also sick of tv that’s inappropriate.

Formed can be accessed either through a parish subscription or if your parish doesn’t subscribe through an individual subscription.

You can watch through their app on Android or iOS, or through Roku, Chromecast, Kindle, Apple TV, and others.

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As others have said Formed is an app I have enjoyed. My parish was able to give me the subscription information.

EWTN also has a free app that has live streaming of their programs as well as a library of their previous shows.

I know there is a subscription service called Pureflix as well which is a Christian version of Netflix. I don’t have it, so I couldn’t tell you the cost. I have seen their content before though and it is all wholesome and family appropriate from what I have seen.

It’s a streaming device you plug into your TV. Hundreds of apps.

Here you go @Bluebright :slightly_smiling_face: I assume the UK/Ireland programming isn’t identical to that in the US but can’t tell you how the two differ (I live in France).

Roku is a device that sits between your router and your TV (plugged into TV) that provides the interface with your streaming services. Apple TV and Kindle Firestick do the same/similar thing.

If you have a “smart TV” you don’t need a device like a Roku as that functionality is built into the TV itself.

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Roku has hundreds more apps than a typical smart TV. I have a subscription to NHL.TV - Roku has an app for it; my smart TV, last time I checked, does not.

Adam and anyone else who sees this. You will love it. ROKU is the little box or stick that plugs into an HDMI jack on the TV and is able to stream from the internet. Once you are logged in, in addition to some really good Catholic teaching from various sources there is a section called movie night. I’ve seen the one on Augustine, Ignatius of Loyola and Mother Teresa. These are very well done feature films. Not B movies (can’t vouch for every single one) they are very well done. You can see what they have on the website Please share this with not jus Catholic friends but anyone you know who is questioning the Faith. TREMENDOUS RESOURCE!!!

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Nothing wrong with Netflix. I like it. If anyone doesn’t like a particular show then they can simply switch to another one. Giving up Netflix because some shows are not to someone’s liking seems ridiculous to me.

The OP was asking for Alternatives, you don’t need to come here and be condescending toward their point of view.


In Brazil they just put a comedy “Christmas Special” (it makes me wanna puke just writing) where “”"“Jesus”""" presents his gay boyfriend to his parents.

I’m just starting Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime and love to binge Law & Order SVU. I highly recommend Amazon Prime, not to mention it comes with free 1 day/2 day shipping.

Netflix I share with my girlfriend and I watch Grey’s Anatomy on that. Also saw When They See Us on Netflix.

I was not being condescending. I was being blunt. I like people to give me short and direct answers and not pussyfoot round things in case people get offended.

I tend to do that with most TV providers but I do think there is something wrong with watching Netflix. They took a public stand against Georgia and its anti-abortion laws. That was when I cancelled my subscription and decided not to give them my hard-earned money. The rest, I can decide to watch one show or another if I don’t consider they are uplifting but not in something as serious as that, I also stated my reasons when leaving as I know a good number of catholics did. We probably did not make an impact, but at least, they know they do not speak for all of us.


Well there’s a difference between simply not liking a show and finding it so morally repugnant that you don’t want to monetarily support it or the company that hosts it.

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