Christian and Catholic Forums unhelpful


From my experience, Catholic and Christian forums and subreddits haven’t helped my faith grow. Perhaps I’m responding to the wrong message boards. I thought the more I immersed myself in a Catholic environment the more holy I’d become. Perhaps it’s the topics I choose to read. I’ve become less religious, more jaded and honestly less attracted to the faith. I guess I’m surprised by some of the opinions posted on a Catholic forum. It has helped me to reconsider my opinions on particular matters. It’s been a place to freely discuss Catholic issue. I think I need a hiatus for while. Thanks for the support.


Oh yea, this place is fun but is not very healthy, at least not for me. I have to give it up on a regular basis for a while, but then I always come back - it’s like an addiction!


Go to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament! Unlike Monster energy drinks, the Monstrance will energize your soul. Peace is there. Consolation is there. Our Lord is waiting for you there.


If a forum does not help you but has the opposite effect, you should not persist here. It has been suggested that it is good to take time off to recollect yourself from distraction. This thing in here can be addictive so obviously it is not really good for your spiritual growth.

You can always take the discussion available with a little grain of salt. The reason being we do not know exactly who the posters are, and anybody can come with a personal reason of their own,


You are making a good decision taking a break. Online communities can really be awful places sometimes. The anonymity available online clears the way for people to say all sorts of things they’d never actually say in real life and may not actually believe in real life.

I’ve seen you repeatedly embroiled yourself in the most divisive and often unchristian topics that come up in the forum. If you are doing this on other websites, I can totally understand why your online time feels more destructive than constructive.

Focus on your relationship with God and His Church. Meet and interact with people in real life. Attend adoration. Join a ministry. Read and study the Bible more. Listen to talks on Catholic topics. Listen to Catholic radio (like EWTN). These are things that will increase your faith. I would not rely on any social media outlet for that.

Good luck.


You will not achieve holiness by reading Catholic forums.


Fortunately I was already holy before I came to CAF. And luckily for others it has rubbed off on them a bit .
My advice would be to visit the Blessed Sacrament every day instead of visiting here.
Prayer is what makes you holy. Not talking about it.


That is what I call an authentic answer.


I went to adoration for the first time ever Thursday evening. Words can not adequately describe the experience.


Same as me, I use this forum for fellowship and to share knowledge


It’s like a bad candy addiction for me. Hopefully I’ll come across something that changes me.


Are we even allowed to refer to ourselves as holy or are you kidding?


That’s his brand of humor.


For me, I often read this forum on Fridays as part of my Friday penance. This forum can be such a downer with all sorts of judgemental members who lack any sort of charity towards their fellow forum members posting all sorts of divisive nonsense. It can be really depressing to read many of the replies on a lot of the threads.

That said, I’ve found some topics and threads very useful for gaining knowledge on how to get closer to God and become a better disciple of Christ. So that has been a real blessing of this forum.

I’ve also found the actual Catholic Answers website ( to be an excellent and first-rate resource for my Catholic faith. I just wish that this forum had a better level of discourse than what it currently has.


There are some things that may be useful here for growing in holiness, but much of the discussion can really pull you the other way. Personally, I feel I’ve grown in apologetics and natural philosophy, but that’s not the same as spiritual growth.


I didn’t catch on. It’s hard to discern humor online.


I didn’t get him for a while either.


Which castle are you in?


In case you didn’t realise it Catholics ARE Christians!


Should the OP change the title to “Non-Catholic Christian and Catholic Christian Forums unhelpful” to make it clearer for you?

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