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I’m just curious to know, how many people on here are familiar with the website, Christian Answers? I browsed through it, and I could see it was pretty anti-Catholic. Ever try to debate with the people on there?


Hi Cody,

I’ve glanced through the site and judging by what I see, they also take verses from the Catechism and the Council of Trent out of context to prove their points.

They throw the names of early Church fathers out and say they specifically taught Sola-Scriptura, which we all know from reading the entire letters is false.

It’s no different than taking one verse of Scripture to try and disprove the doctrine founded from another verse. This is standard practice in Protestant circles.

I belong to a few non-Catholic message boards and to try and discuss theology from a Catholic perspective is often met with the same tactic.

There are some people on these sites who are more than willing to have open and meaningful dialogs and learn from each other, but those instances are rare. Most just can’t get away from the middle ages.

With love,


This is why I don’t recommend going to those sites. I don’t think its bad to evangelize - indeed it’s necessary! I don’t think its bad to put yourself out there and to take a lot of grief. That’s necessary, too. The ‘problem’ is that, until God’s prepared that person to hear the truth, it’s not gonna make a bit of difference. Goind to those sites doesn’t do very much, because the people aren’t open and even those that are, are only choked by the weeds of the other folks there that aren’t.

When someone’s ready to consider the Church, they’ll be led to or find the information elsewhere; its in abundance. We just have to trust God to lead them there!


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