Christian Band Texas in July Raises Money for Pro-Abortion Group

Christian rock band, “Texas in July” is playing a benefit tour for, a pro-abortion web site targeting youth.

Several popular bands including the Christian rock band Texas in July are playing a benefit tour for the pro-abortion sex education is a so-called ‘sex education’ website providing “sex education for teens by teens”. The site promotes abortion, speaks out against crisis pregnancy centers as well as promoting LGBT support for kids. The site also provides “how to” information for teens to engage in homosexual sex acts.

The tour recently welcomed Planned Parenthood into their Philadelphia stop and it did not take long to find the Planned Parenthood connection to

One of the website’s main topics is, of course, abortion, with several links to organizations like Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-choice America, Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom, National Abortion Federation and Catholics for a Free Choice. Every single one of these links is to a pro-abortion organization, and not one single pregnancy help center.

It is imperative that Christian parents know that Texas in July would send their kids to for information. This band is not only inviting kids to pay money to come to this benefit tour; they are also promoting this dangerous web site.

I would encourage anyone who is a fan of Texas in July or just concerned to see a Christian band playing this tour, to send them an e-mail and let them know you are disappointed. It is extremely important that you do so in a love and without name calling or being just plain mean about it. You should encourage them to leave this tour and take a stand for life.

what is the reason for so many so called christians of all denominations to accept abortions as moral and just?Can anyoone answer this for me?

Thats what i was just about to ask. Your guess is as good as mine. How can anyone call themself Christian if they think its ok to murder a baby. Maybe they dont really think it. Maybe they’re just too scared - or too chicken - to disagree with the majority because these days if you’re pro-abortion no one has the right to disagree with you, its your opinion and you’re entitled to it, its a woman’s body and she has the right, bla bla bla. But if you’re pro-life you’re the prize find of a modern day witch hunt, dragged through the mud and branded a small minded bigot for believing something should be alowed to stay living.

I have always found myself very disdainful of the “It’s a woman’s body” argument. No, it’s not. The fetus is a separate being from the mother, just because it relies on the mother to live does not make it any less separate of a person than a newborn.

They listen without hearing…

“Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children. For the time will come when you will say, ‘Blessed are the barren women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!’" (Luke 23:28-29)

“Texas in July” is Christian metalcore band who’s members are mostly teenagers. They are Pro-Life! Rock for Life speculates they signed a contract to do this before knowing that the this years tour was to support They are simply kids who made an honest mistake, and Rock for Life is asking that we not support boycotting them. Because they are under contract, they can’t simply walk away. Rock for Life says we should see the good that can come out of this, as concert attendees will be exposed to a Christian message. This is learning experience for a very young band to learn the importance of reading and understanding what they are contracting to do before signing on the dotted line. These kids need understanding, not condemnation. See more HERE.

I can recall both Jars of Clay and Third Day getting loads of flack years ago for their decisions to tour with secular artists and in bars, taverns, clubs and large arenas where alcohol was served. Both bands have tasted success that few Christian bands do; Grammy, American Music Awards, ASCAP, Billboard and others, in addition to the typical Christian Dove awards. And they both strongly defended their choices to do concerts outside of churches and Christian educational institutions. We are to go onto the market place, be a light to the world; like Jesus, they are ministering to the sinners, not the righteous. TiJ can bring much good out of this, with their music which is strongly centered on faith in Jesus. These young men need our prayers, they are trying to be a light in the darkness, and have been unfairly judged for making a poor business decision that they most likely regret. Rock for Life says we should be directing our outrage at the concert organizers and benefactors, not at a band of teenagers who love the Lord and simply wanted to share their faith through their music.

Planed Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s racist and genocidal policy to eliminate all brown-eyed people was initiated by soliciting the cooperation of African pastors in America and moved on to envelop protestant denominations. Hey, they become vehemently pro-abortion because it’s easy to have that promising young daughter’s womb vacuumed out than to endure the shunning, gossip and humiliation, right? So now we have “Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom.” Uh, does that sound like something real kids would put together? That’s pure Planned Parenthood, right out of Margaret Sanger’s playbook. Gotta give the devil his due.

For a lot of them it’s the other way around I think… after having already made up their mind about abortions, they decide to call themselves Christian just to stir the pot and generate even more publicity for themselves. Apparently it works. :rolleyes:

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