Christian Brothers Investment Services?

Hello, I was just watching a program on Television here in the UK about Pornography, it’s influence on the World, and how it has never been more profitable or more pervasive. At the end of the hour long program was an advertisement for next weeks following episode, on this same issue. There was something said about how faith based organizations are not immune from profiting from porn funds. A whistleblower tells him there is a Catholic investment fund that appears happy to profit from porn distributors, so he travels to Rome for a heated interview with the head of Christian Brothers Investment Services.

This is shocking, I have never of anything like this before!! Please give me information on this!! :(:frowning:

I also found these websites online:

Christian Investment Funds Found Contributing to Abortion/Pornography Companies -

Information on what???

CBIS is an investment firm (there are thousands of them). CBIS was not formed by the Catholic Church, nor is it controlled or influenced by the Church. Their board of directors does not include one single Ordained Catholic minister. This is a purely secular firm in every respect, run exclusively by laymen and laywomen.

CBIS is a “specialty” investment firm tailored to appeal to the moral values of Catholics. You may read their investment posture
I would agree that their posture is not as Catholic as I would like. For example, it absolutely excludes any company which manufactures “firearms for the consumer market.” So, I suppose they would not buy any shares in Colt or Browning (but I’m not sure such a position is absolutely supported in Catholic doctrine).

However, it has a lower bar with regard to sex industries. They will not invest in any “companies whose primary line of business is products or services aimed exclusively at inducing sexual excitement or a prurient interest in sex.” So, I suppose if a company has “only” 49% of its primary line of business exclusively promoting prurient interest in sex, that company is OK (whereas if it does 1% of its business making handguns, it would presumably be excluded).

I hope CBIS will reconsider its guidelines to align them more closely with Catholic principles. But this is a purely independent, secular organization - the Church has no influence to change their policies.

However, that being said, I am not aware of any investment fund which is MORE or BETTER aligned with Catholic moral principles than CBIS. If I were a fund investor, I would consider this fund as the “best I could manage” in this regard.

(if anyone knows of a better alternative Catholic fund, please post here).

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