Christian/Catholic rock debases "cool"

The Faith is cooler than “cool” before the culture change of the ‘60s and beyond (what aspects were intended and what were not). If we knew our Faith and heard the amazing things venerables, blesseds and saints did, it would not seem necessary to bring it down to the mundane level, artistically. To try and make it cool by secular standards brings it down to a lower level. People have enough of the mundane. They aren’t going to be turned on, though maybe entertained by the rhythm, attitude and beats for as long as that impression lasts, by pop music, but by a faith that is true to itself: the champions of the beautiful; not the accoustically ugly which, though entertaining, is from an ugly counter-culture to civilization by the godless to which our Church leaders have conformed Church art. Meanwhile, though lacking the Holy Spirit’s blessing, many Church of England faiths have retained the art we tossed out, not seeing it as a barrier to people coming to God or the clergy. It’s time we set the standard again with what is truly cool–traditional Catholic arts–at least in churches and at Mass, for cryin’ out loud!

I like all kinds of music, including rock, and I do enjoy Christian Rock on occasion. I do not think of it as ‘Praise and Worship’ music, though, and hate to hear it at Mass! The thing that gets me, I guess, is the wateriness, the luke-warmth, if you will, about this form of music. In order to pass it off and get as many listeners as possible, most ‘Christian’ bands never even mention Jesus or any important Gospel truth in their songs, speaking instead of those airy, worldly Protestant things- love, prosperity, and happy good feelings. I call it ‘covert Christianity’. It’s sad.

The Church changes too slowly to keep up with modern pop and Mass buildings are not made for rock instruments, anyway (Metallica's "Creeping Death" made God sound cool and may inspire a worldling to think God is cool, but the accoustics of church buildings result in headaches and is probably alienating to many Boomers). We need music that makes the soul dance and you can't tell if it does that, if you have gimmicks that entertain the flesh, as it's nurtured in the secularized society. We need to be awed--blown away; not hardly amused by gimmicks. Why have fuzzy feelings and sometimes rock bands been relied upon when there are stories of the saints or the Bible that are so awe-inspiring and John Michael Talbot's light songs can strike chords in the soul? We need to be developed; not a church adopting the rotting arts of a rotting civilization to impossibly satisfy the flesh like a Boomer dad trying to rap.
The soul is timeless. It desires beauty; not the decaying art of a decaying civilization. It wants a break from the world. Even metal bands have songs with beautiful melodies in them. We are just not in tune with our soul, so we get surprised by what touches us being not what we think.

That's my take. I could be mistaken.

I think metal, not folk-pop, if anything, makes God, the Bible, Christianity sound cool in a modern way in the same way "the Exorcist" did and exorcist films do today. The priests didn't have to look like the priest character in Pantera's "Cemetary Gates." The priest characters (the young one, when he saw what was going on) were just being a representative of the church that Christ established, but demon fighting just happens to be cool in these days no matter what problems they may have with its doctrines. Metallica's "Creeping Death" wasn't supposed to be like clergy or youth leaders trying to hard to make their faith cool. Maybe that's why it was cool.

The moral is to be yourself and don't try to please everyone, as no one (or not enough) will like it and will be unedified.

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