Christian/Catholic Weight Loss?


So here I am. I’m probably 40 pounds overweight with a 2 year old, and I’m so sick of it (obviously not THAT sick of it, or I would be thin by now haha.)

anyway - I have tried WW and Nutrisystem, etc. I’m wondering that if the problem isnt that these programs work but that for whatever reason I’m the problem because lets face it, the programs are working for someone.

I do really well, and then I fall back into old habits.

Is there a Catholic or Christian based weight loss program that any of you have followed? I think I need to change my thinking as well as my eating, if you catch my drift :slight_smile:

Let me know your thoughts! :slight_smile:



I dunno… but I am right there with ya. Except I have a 4 yo, a 2 yo, and an almost 2 month old. Same 40 lbs to lose.


I have no experience with this program, but thought it might be useful:


My wife did this program at our parish a few years ago and enjoyed it.



Maybe a support thread on here would help? I’d be interested. I need to lose about 10 pounds; not a lot, I know. I went into surgical menopause a year ago and find it’s really easy to gain weight now. I’d love some healthy eating support to keep from putting on too much weight.


I like that website I’m looking it over now!

Anyone else want to do it?



I successfully completed this program and was asked to become a “mentor” because I DID lose weight. However, in the application process to become a mentor, the introductory segment was clear “DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE CATHOLIC”. Soooo, I have mixed feelings about that program…it got me on track, but also ticked me off! Also, it DOES require lots of discipline and weekly fasting, which is hard to do with a family.

Years ago, I did Weigh Down Workshop and was also successful with that. It is similar to Light Weigh in that no foods are forbidden. Both programs hinge around scripture and prayer, in addition to eating only when your body gives you a physical cue that it is hungry…and then stopping when you are satisfied…not stuffed! There is a lot of wisdom in this thinking.

I am back on Weight Watchers online myself with about 20-25 pounds to lose. Why there? Well, I have decided that I need to work on portion control and documentation of what I eat. WW provides that. I would welcome a diet buddy/buddies if you’d like to PM me. Maybe we could work on this together in a way that utilizes our faith.




How odd that they wouldnt want you if you were Catholic? Did you ever ask why?



They stressed that it is a CHRISTIAN based weight loss program, hence they wouldn’t accept Catholics, Mormons or Jews as mentors. I was so ticked at the ol’ “Catholics aren’t Christians” mantra that I just boiled for about a month. I should have returned my mentor application with a proper defense of the faith, but didn’t. Instead, I just haven’t been back.



I think our bodies work the same way as anyone else’s. So if you can find a spot to work out in where they don’t play obscene songs the whole time or where it isn’t a meat market that ought to be OK.


Well, if thats the case I wouldnt want to be part of it. I think I would be so focused on the negative energy and the fact that they for whatever insane reason think that Catholics aren’t Christians that I wouldnt get anything out of it. I"m going to email them and see if they really believe that. Thats seriously insane.



I’m in for this buddy thing. I have joined WW on-line a week ago so those of us here who are on WW on-line could start our own thread there if we want, yes?

There is another weight loss thread on the CAF, actually more than one. I started one the last time I did WW in the Clubhouse(?) Nova was part of it and now she has another little one! Then there is one here in Family life too.

So, should we start a new thread or join in on one of those?

Brenda V.


I’d like to participate in any thread on weight loss. I am about 50 pounds overweight and have lost 20 the past year and a half or so. II have a few general practices as far as getting support from my friends but I could use feedback/encouragement here too.

I have a lot of difficulty with meal plannng/nutrition because I have a very busy job and am not at home for meals.Hence, I ended up eating out a lot and well you know where that leads…to an extra 50 pounds!

I also have difficulty disciplining myself to get up early and exercise daily as I work a lot and sometimes late hours/weekends.

Have put boundaries on the workaholism and my number one priority (beside my spiritual life of course) is to focus on a healthier lifestyle. It’s hard to make changes!

Please keep me in your prayers as my mother died early at 57 from a heart attack and she was about my size.


Well I beat y’all. I have a 32 y/o and a 30 y/o and those same 40 lbs are hanging around.



I would like to take part in a weight loss thread also. I have about 20-30 lbs to lose.


Sooo…how do we do that, anyone know or can we just hijack this thread and take over? I have lost 20 but need to lost 50 more, although most people tell me that is way too muh - I look in the moderate range and not grossly overweight, but when I get on the scale I know what the numbers say and also what weight is medially advisable for me.


I am thinking we should start a new thread if we are interested. Maybe even move it to a yahoo group? I am having an indecisive moment here. What do you all think?

I visit CAF daily so don’t even have to remember a password but would have to search for a thread if it ends up in the end.

Maybe we could ask for it to be a skicky because there will always be someone who is interested. Or some like me who will lose the weight and for whatever reason will gain it again :o.

Brenda V.


Do you know how we ask for a sticky? I think that sounds like a great idea!



Just clidk on the “Profile” link at the top of the screen (below the banner line). That pops up all threads you are subscribed to that have fresh posts on them. To search for a thread that hasn’t had new posts, go to the “List all subscriptions” link in the left hand column.


I am studying Health Science in college and I have studied weight loss and gain for the past few years so here are a few tips for those that would like to lose weight.

First of all everything in moderation. When you get a craving for something EAT IT because if you repress your cravings you will end up giving in and eating more than you should of whatever it is you want to eat. The thing is you need to realize how much you are eating and only eat only a little bit of it.

The next thing is that you have to get into an exercise routine and diversity is key. You can’t always do the same exercises otherwise you will get bored and stop exercising. A great workout for losing weight is a bodyweight exercise routine. It builds strength and endurance in muscles instead of adding bulk. Keep reps from 12 to 15. Also, please don’t so static stretching. It’s engrained in people’s heads that static stretching is the correct stretching technique but it’s wrong. You will increase chance of injury if you use static stretched. Instead use dynamic stretches which ease muscles to relax after a workout.

Drink lots of water and slowlys ease out of carbonated beverages. For me I only have coke’s when I go out to eat and that’s my limit. If I go out to eat a little more than usual I always bring a bottle of water or ask for water at the restaurant.

Try to add some fruits to your diet instead of candy or snacks.

Remember to have fun with this, don’t make it a job. If you stop losing for a bit don’t worry just keep perservering.

If anyone has any questions you can always pm me and I will answer them asap. I can help put workouts together and help with diets.

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